Kayfabe A change of plan

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  1. *The camera shows Buster Gates and Reginald standing backstage. Both men are wearing black suits, Buster is also wearing sunglasses and is holding two Undisputed Championships over his shoulders.*
    Reginald: These past few weeks since Buster left, all we've been hearing is “This is a work”, “You can’t just walk out with the title”, “When are you coming back?” and I'm here today to tell you that nothing you hear is true. Mr Gates here had always said he was going to win the championship and then walk out on the top of his game, and he did. Buster had left and he had intended to be gone for good, and that all changed when we received a phone call from Ryan Blake. Ryan needed money to buy the company away from the previous owners, so he turned to the richest person he knew to help him out... Buster Gates... Mr Gates helped with Ryan’s money problems and in return, Buster now owns half the company. Mr Gates and Mr Blake are the co-owners of Precision and in return Buster gets to do as much, or as little as he wants... Including this week.
    *Buster smirks.*
    Reginald: This week, Buster Gates was supposed to take on Chris Young. A warm-up for Money In The Bank next week... But instead that match is no longer going to go ahead. Buster has informed me that he has found a replacement for his match, a person suitable to take Buster’s place in such a prestigious bout. Some people call him Jan for short. So, Chris Young, watch out because Jan is going to... Clean you up.
    *Reginald begins to chuckle. Buster moves forward in front of Reginald. He stands there for a few seconds, motionless before he removes his sunglasses and passes them to Reginald. He turns back to the camera and stares into the lens. It’s uncomfortable as he doesn’t blink once. He opens his mouth to speak, but instead holds up the two championship belts and grins. The camera fades to black.*

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