Rumor A clue to who attacked Enzo

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
I can't help but think this will not be good for either of them.
This will be good for Cass. For Enzo, not so much. After Cass beats him, he'll probably get lost in the shuffle.

They should definitely consider putting him in a manager type role because he's really good on the mic.


The Showoff
So are we looking at Big Cass vs Enzo?

That's just squash match written all over it. I'm glad they have split up as when i first started watching NXT on the network Cass was working as a singles competitor as Enzo was injured, i liked him and at the time could see him on the main roster in a singles run and probably hold a belt. As soon as Enzo came back i took an instant dislike to him as I feel like there are better in-ring performers not getting a look in and people running house shows yet he gets on TV just because of his mic skills. If he was Cass' manager then different story. Yeah I like the "and you can't teach that" schtick but in ring I have felt like Enzo legitimately was holding Cass back because watching them I feel even Cass is holding back with his moveset because of working with Enzo. I enjoyed his matches in NXT in his last singles run so for this split to finally happen has been something I have looked forward to since Enzo came back in NXT.

I'm looking forward to seeing Cass go on a singles run BUT part of me feels like this split should have happened in NXT so Cass could have been called up on his own (as a heel) rather than possibly disappear into obscurity after this storyline concludes because I'm not sure I see where he is going (unless he moved to Smackdown, then he's got every chance of having a decent run on his own but hey ho that's just my opinion on it. Main thing for me is Cass is finally on his own properly and fingers cross Enzo disappears altogether and I never have to see him on TV again.
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Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
i wonder if the reason why Enzo "cried" was because he knows that once that squash match happens, his ass is out the door.
Gotta give props to Enzo for crying, man. Those tears felt legit, it felt like he was legit heartbroken.

Yeah, he'll definitely get lost in the shuffle after Cass destroys him, but he won't be fired, that's for sure. He's too good on the mic. Maybe they'll have him work in a manager type role or something.


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
You know what would be funny?

One of the main reasons Cass decided to turn on his "brother" was the fact that during their entire run both on NXT and on RAW, they never once managed to win any gold. So, how funny would it be, now that they broke up, if Enzo teamed up with Big Show and they won the tag team titles within a month or so?

Everybody keeps wondering what's next for Enzo, right? And come to think of it, with this break up, I believe the Hardyz are the only face team left in the division, right? Ha, two birds with one stone...
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The Artiste
Enzo's got a bright career ahead of him as a singles star. There's no limit on a guy who can talk like that and sell his ass off like Ricky Morton.

IC Champ, WWE champ.

He set himself apart in his promo this week. He dressed differently, but still cool as shit. He did not use the old SAWFT catchphrase, and established about 2 or 3 other catchphrases in the process of lighting that mic up.

You have to be an idiot not to see money written all over him.

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