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  1. Okay so I just came up with a what I expect to be found interesting by many of you here. I call it Ticket Wars. And I shall explain. First off, the ticket. Good for 1 (one) front row seat to an all time wrestling supercard of wrestlers selected and of matches designed by your fellow posters. If these cards were all taking place at the same time on the same night; and you could only see one; which one would you rather choose? This is the question that will decide who wins each competition; and the whole contest is designed around that concept. Everyone is given one imaginary ticket. Anywhere from 10 to 25 players, all booking shows of wrestlers in their prime from any wrestling organization and from any era of time, with each wrestler only being used once, all taking place on the same night and at the same time, compete for the tickets of their fellow TUPeeps. Just like in the wrestling business world, whoever has sold the most tickets, wins. This is what it's all about. Various phases of the game lead up to the "war night" between wrestling cards; all with the goal of getting the most tickets in mind.


    The first part of the game is simple; signing up. There will be a sign up thread for each Ticket War Night. Each person who would like to play puts down their username and the name of their wrestling organization. I call mine Ultimate Machine Wrestling Federation (UMWF) So I would go to the sign up thread, and write...

    WarMachine - Ultimate Machine Wrestling Federation (WMWF)

    Everyone who wants to play would follow suit; and that is it. Sign ups would last for about a week and a half.

    The second phase of the game takes the longest; drafting. The players are put in a random order and whoever is number one selects first. They would go to a thread specifically made for drafting and write something like...

    WMWF selects....



    Of course posting a picture of who you select is optional. Some players just like to post a name. That is fine.

    And then player #2 will follow. Once all the players have selected once; then round two begins. This continues for a total of 20 rounds.

    In some drafts, the order may be switched in order to make for a more fair draft order. For example, if say there are 14 players, round 1 may go.


    ... and round two may go...


    ... and the draft order rotates each round like that. This is just for a more fair order; but the first time we will keep a stagnant order until everyone gets the hang of how things work.

    Of course posting a picture of who you select is optional. Some players just like to post a name. That is fine.

    And then player #2 will follow. Once all the players have selected once; then round two begins. This continues for a total of 20 rounds.

    Who Is Available To Draft

    Theoretically, any athlete being in the history of time, going back to the ancient Olympics or before, all the way up until today is available to draft. You would have each wrestler that you draft, be they dead or alive, retired or active, in whatever capacity the ticketholders (your fellow posters) see as being their prime or best years. But once a wrestler has been drafted, that wrestler is no longer available. But this also goes for multiple identities and multiple gimmicks. Once Suicide has been drafted; Kaz is no longer available. Once Goldust has been drafted; Dustin Rhodes is no longer available. Once Ax of Demolition has been drafted; Masked Superstar is no longer available. This may reveal spoilers to people that they may not want to know. For example, if somebody knew before he was demasked that the mystery Straight Edge Society member was Joey Mercury; Joey Mercury would be off the table if someone drafted "the mystery SES member". But every wrestler can only be drafted once and can only be on one player's roster at any given time (unless he is upheld for insurance, which I'll get into below).

    You Are On The Clock

    As in many sports drafts, each organization is "on the clock" once the draft is in motion. In the crucial first round; every player has 60 hours to make their pick. In rounds 2-20, every player gets 36 hours to make their pick. This is necessary because we can't have people taking forever nor deliberately holding up the game. If you see that a player is near their time; you may give them a courtesy pm if you are online and notice it. However, even if a player's time is expired; they may still select their wrestler if the next player has not yet gone.

    If You Are Going To Be Away

    If you are going to be away from here for an extended period of time, then you can designate anyone to make your picks (or trades, or to post your card even) for you. A list of wrestlers you want can be sent to either me or anyone else you feel comfortable with, and that person will pick in the order that they are listed in when it is your turn or according to whatever other method you designate.

    Changing Your Pick

    Any player may change their selection but only before the next player goes.

    Missed Picks

    If a player fails to pick within his or her allotted time; then that pick would be missed. However, after round 20 of drafting has been complete, all players will have a mini draft of missed picks in the order that they were missed in. The same 24 hours apply to this mini draft; and if any of these are missed the process continues until all picks have been made.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    As later covered in the "Posting Your Cards" section below; every card must have at least one tag team match. And you must build up to the event.

    It is important to remember that while everyone likes different types of wrestling, the whole goal of the drafting process is to eventually create a card that your fellow posters would want to spend their ticket on.

    The Use Of Non Wrestlers

    Anyone you want to use on your card must be drafted; even if they are not actually wrestling. If you want to use a manager; you must use a draft spot for them. Your organization would have a generic team of referees, timekeepers, ring announcers, etc.. But if you want to use one on your card, for example, if I really wanted Lilian Garcia to ring announce every match and sing the national anthem before the show, I would have to spend a draft spot on her. The same goes for anyone I want to use as a special guest referee.

    Special Additional Rule for Ticket War Involving For Non-Wrestlers
    Ticket Wars also has a one-shot offer where you can draft one Non-Wrestler without having to lose a draft pick in order to do so. This pick can be made at any point in the draft. Basically at any point you make a draft pick you can also state you are cashing in your one-shot deal and making another pick but it is only for non-wrestlers. There are some restrictions when it comes with using this one-shot deal: It cannot be a guy who has been both a wrestler and an authority figure or a guy who has been a wrestler and an announcer. It can be a guy who has been both a manager and an announcer since that wont really make a bigtime impact on your card all that much. Whomever you take with the special pick, you can't replace later on in the Free Agent period so use it wisely. This pick and who you select with this one-shot deal is not tradeable so it has no value as tradebait. On the whose been drafted page, we will cite which non-wrestling talent have been drafted with this deal (so players know these talents are unavailable) and we will cite who has and who hasn't used this one-shot deal. If you want additional non-wrestlers on your card, you will have to sacrifice a draft pick for them and all rules in the above section apply to these non-wrestlers.


    Now before I begin. You do NOT HAVE to trade. Trading is completely optional; but is there as a way to potentially improve your roster.

    Trading can be done at any time; before, during, or after the drafting up until the announced day that the cards have to be finalized.

    How To Send A Trade Offer

    You can send a trade offer to any player in any number of ways; you can sent a pm, or if you have another means of communication with other posters such as Facebook or Skype then that may be preferable. If you don't mind your trade offer being made public, you can propose a trade right in the Trades thread that will be made for each Ticket Wars competition. Once an agreement has been reached by both parties; they would go to the Trades thread and one of them would announce what the trade is. The the second person involved would quote that post (so that the trade itself can't be changed afterwards) and write "finalized".

    Or at times players may decide that they want to get rid of a wrestler they have; and they would go to the trades thread and announce something like...

    Randy Orton is on the trading block.

    And then fellow players would send offers if they are interested in acquiring The Legend Killer's services for the night.

    There are several different kinds of trades...

    Straight Up One On One Trades

    This is quite simple; a trade of one wrestler for one wrestler, if you think they are of equal value. I'll use Danielson as an example. Let's say he wanted Shawn Michaels and I wanted Bret Hart. They may be considered of equal value; so if we traded them to each other we would go to the Trades thread and I would announce...

    Danielson and I have agreed to a trade. I get Bret the Hitman Hart; and he gets "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels.

    And then he would quote me and write "finalized".

    One For Two Or More Trades

    AJ Styles is worth more than Virgil. So let's say if I had AJ Styles and Pimpy wanted him we may come to a one for four trade. For example, after we came to an agreement, I may post something like this...

    Farooq and I have agreed to a trade. He gets "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles; and I get Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, Christopher Nowinski, and Virgil.

    And then Farooq would quote me and finalize it.

    Trades For Picks

    At times players may want to trade spots in the draft order. There are a myriad of reasons for this; a player may want to move up a few spots and get an earlier pick because they may be worried a wrestler they really want may be gone; a player may choose to increase the size of their roster by settling for lower picks, visa versa, or a player may want to position his or herself where they would get two or more picks in a row. I'll use geekgoddess as an example. We may agree to something like...

    geekgoddess gets my 1st round pick; and I get her 2nd, 4th, and 10th round picks.

    And then she would quote me and finalize the trade.

    The Insurance Trade

    Sometimes when a player gives up a spot in the draft order; they may be worried that they will miss out on the wrestler they are after that they would have taken with the pick they are trading. So in that case the wrestler will be named just between them; and the other player would put up an extra insurance pick, or perhaps an insurance wrestler, to be payable if the wrestler named between them gets taken before the first player gets him or her. The first player must take the named wrestler on his next turn, or he looses the insurance. For example...

    Nickelodeon and I have made a trade. He gets my 3rd round pick; and I get his 5th and 6th round picks, with his 10th round pick upheld as insurance.

    And then he would quote me and finalize it.

    If the named wrestler is taken by another player before I get him; then I would acquire Nick's 10th round pick in addition to his 5th and 6th.

    Once the named wrestler is either drafted by the first player in the trade or by another player, an announcement should be made in the trades thread that the insurance pick (or the insurance wrestler) is either acquired by the first player or redeemed by the second player.

    Mixed Trades

    These are trades that may be a mix of wrestlers or draft picks. The same as above is followed.

    Now, if this is all confusing don't worry. No one has to trade. People can go through a whole draft period without trading once. It is just there as an option much like the entire trade process.


    After all 20 rounds and all missed picks have been made, there is the seven day period where any wrestler may be released to free agency in exchange for any other available wrestler. For example, if I have Rodney Mack and I suddenly remember, "Shit, Bad News Brown is still available!", then I would go to the Trades thread and post...

    WMWF releases Rodney Mack and acquires Bad News Brown from free agency.

    This is all on a first come, first serve basis for that week.


    After all 20 rounds of drafting is complete and all missed picks have been made, players have 7 days to post their cards. Each player would make a thread, the Title of which is the name of their organization and if they want the name of their show itself; and post who will be facing who on their card. Some people may like to make one big placard or poster, others like to list matches with pictures, others simply prefer to list the matches. You can make any match be for any Title or Championship for your wrestling organization. Keep in mind that the card will be presented in future tense; so you are not writing any results or "spoilers" of what happened; but rather your approach should be "What will happen when this wrestler faces this wrestler!!" and promote your show as best you can.

    Every Wrestler In Their Prime

    If Someone drafts Ric Flair; it would most likely not be the Ric Flair of 2010 that the ticketholder will imagine Flair to be. It will be the Nature Boy in his prime; perhaps as he appeared in the 1980's, whatever the ticket holding TUPeeps see his prime years to be. If you draft a dead wrestler; he or she would also be performing in his or her prime. For example, if you drafted Eddie Guerrero the ticketholders may envision his prime to be in the early 2000's or perhaps the late 90's. If you draft Ed "Strangler" Lewis, the ticketholder may imagine him as he was in the late 20's.

    The "Tired" Factor

    You can use any wrestler you have any number of times for a tournament, running the gauntlet match, or to have them in more than one match. Some old time wrestling cards used to have a night of matches and then throw everyone in a battle royal afterwards. But the more you use a wrestler, the more tired he or she will become, and thus the quality of the matches will decrease. Even though every wrestler on your card is in their prime; some may be able to wrestle in more than one match while others may not.

    Mandatory Tag Team Match Or Other Mandatory Matches

    Each card must have at least one tag team match. In some future Ticket Wars competitions, the runner of it may at their discretion also require any additional mandatory matches; such as a women's match for example.

    Your Imagination Is The Limit

    Whatever your mind can conceive of is what you can have on your card. Have regular one fall matches, or if you wish Iron Man Matches, Bullrope Matches, Ladder Matches, First Blood Matches, War Games Matches, Elimination Chamber Matches, Money In The Bank Matches, bikini contests, or make up a whole new type of match. You are the booker and promoter.


    Reminiscent of the Monday Night Wars, after all the cards have been posted two will be pitted against each other; and the TUPeeps will post which card they will most rather see if they happened on the same night; or which card they would most rather spend their ticket on. At the end of five days whichever card has the most tickets received (or the most seats sold) wins; and if it is tied after that time it will go into sudden death overtime, the next ticket received wins. This continues in tournament type between all the cards until a winner is crowned.


    That winner will get the overall first round pick in the next Ticket Wars draft. The other finalist will receive the overall number two pick.

    Also, the winner's name and card will be listed in a thread that will chronicle all Ticket Wars winners.

    And then the process would continue all over again with a new list of signups.


    At any time the runner of the contest (whoever wants to be) has the final say in any judgment calls made throughout the competition. For example, what to do with a player's roster if they decide to drop or or are banned (not that that's likely); or if there is a ridiculously lopsided trade.


    I thank you for reading this. If you have any questions, suggestions or if there is anything I have not covered thoroughly enough; please feel free to ask and I'll be glad to clarify. You can ask anything here; or for questions or to send me a list of who you want if you are going to be away feel free to send me a pm.


    I really hope this game can last for years to come on here and be as big a hit as I believe it will be. I hope everybody finds it fun and that we all enjoy the friendly competition between everyone.
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  2. This seems like a crazy amount of fun. If this does hopefully happen, I would love to be a part of it.
  3. I want apart of this! Sounds fun as fuck!
  4. Yeah I'll definitely talk to an admin about this. Hopefully we get a whole new category or at least a sub forum for this.
  5. Tldr but the stuff I did read it sounded boring
  6. Sent PMs to Crayo and Xanth about this concept and whether a new forum category is needed or not
  7. in i guess idk lol sure why not
  8. no idea what's going on but yay let's do it.
  9. I feel the same way

    I get that we are drafting rosters and everyone wrestler ever is in their prime so based on that I'm in

    I'll catch the deats later
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  10. So far it's myself, Showstopper, Jwab, and I take that Danielson and Dolph'sZiggler are in on this as well.
  11. A TL;DR version would have been nice, there was a huge wall of text :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. Well I don't know how else I would explain the game.
  13. Well logically, would you explain that to someone who asked about it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! There must be a way to get the same explanation accross, using less words.
  14. Crayo is inactive due to lack of internet and Xanth is... well, Xanth.

    Tagging @Solidus
  15. Too much to read before I go to work, don't understand what is going on after a couple paragraphs.
    Would this require an addon to function, or can be done with just threads and posts?
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  16. They want a new forum/section
  17. I'm active for three weeks, shup.

    Can you summarise this in a TLDR version please? You don't need to explain the game, just what you need for it to happen. Is this going to be like IWT? If so, you can get a sub-forum.

  18. Literally forgot about that. Tbf I'd just got up :sad:
  19. Sounds kind of like a "fanatsy football" league for wrestlers, but without scores coming from what actually happens in the ring (as some of the possible picks are dead or retired).

    I wonder if a real "fantasy WWE league" would work???
  20. This sounds like more fun than a 'real' fantasy league to me. Everyone compiling rosters made up of anyone in history and then putting out cards and everyone votes for which show they would pay their money to see? SEems dank
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