A cool Carrick video.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. He was our best signing last year with RVP. Look at how many of his awesome passes went to the dutch beast who has such underrated movement. There are a couple other Carrick marks on here so yeah (R Albin).
  2. Actually love the guy. Only person I've seen anywhere near to being as good a CDM as Dover.
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  3. The video is dope. I love the instrumental. And well, Carrick is a great player too.
  4. Still need to see you in CDM, you were brilliant up front. :urm:

    I actually hated Carrick until this season, I thought he wasn't anywhere near good enough for a top 4 club and should be at Everton or somewhere like that. This season I've been eating my words, I don't know why but he has come so good, his passing has been brilliant and he's been United's Mr Reliable, is he getting picked for England? I hardly watch them anymore, too depressing.
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  5. I was the same. I guess it kinda sums up just how good Ferguson was that he could recognise a player that good even after playing below standard for a number of years.

    And hell yeah he was good up front, moved back there for a game, and my 1-on-1 skills were reliable as always.
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  6. I too wasn't a fan. He was on my shank list during the 11/12 season. I think it was a combination of him changing his game slightly and us as a country not understanding him. He has definitely improved his game this year and he reminds me completely of players like Busquets. He is playing just like a top La Liga midfielder which is the best compliment you can give. SAF obviously saw what he gave to the team.

    This year, United were poor without him. We relied on him far more than we relied on RVP. It's not just his passing though. He used to be an awful tackler, but this year he has improved on something; not his tackling, but his intercepting which is just as good. He intercepts so much and reads the game SO well. He tracks, he's fit as fuck (in both terms), and never gets injured. He was my PFA player of the year last year. He is world class.

    Yes he gets picked for England now.
  7. As a United supporter, I had been starting to worry if Carrick would ever be able to justify his 18 million price tag from when he was signed from Tottenham.

    But this season he has showed positive signs that he will still have a chance of achieving this. Hopefully he can continue the progress he made this season onto next season.

    Most importantly he's finally starting to make his presence known in the midfield.
  8. Still have a chance? IMO he's done it. This one season alone he was pivotal in us taking the title back from our biggest rivals.
  9. Carrick has been on and off the shank list more times than I can remember. Will he be on the shank list this season. :hmm:
  10. He was on it once, and then removed immediately, lol.
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