A Dating Site... Exclusively For WHITE PEOPLE

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by The GOAT, Jan 6, 2016.

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  1. Billboard for dating site which targets white people raising eyebrows

    So, should it be an issue or not? What can you really say negatively about this that can't be said for all the other race-specific dating sites that cater to Blacks, Asians, Latins, Filipinos, etc? If Caucasian is your preference and/or what you're currently looking for and there's a website that makes it easier to find someone of that type, where is the logic in condemning it?
  2. Mormon country preferring to keep non-whites outside of their vision? Color me surprised.

    I don't see anything wrong with it, but I personally think a lot of the anti-racism forced unto people is unnecessary at this point. You own a restaurant and want to exclude a race? Your right, but the internet is going to run you out of business reallll quick-like. People should be allowed to make these kind of choices, and preferring white's doesn't make you racist, it just means you have realllly shitty taste in women.
  3. Is This is just for white people to meet other whites or a fetish type site?
  4. "Where White People Meet" sounds pretty exclusively for whites. That's where the controversy lies.
  5. I do not get the fuss other races have their own, my friend of Pakistan origin had used them, he still finds other races attractive. What is wrong with dating your own kind theses days? People are obsessed with this color fetish, i only date black men etc, utter fucking nonsense. I dated a Indian girl once but still have respect for my own. World has gone mad. Nothing wrong with being with your own women
  6. Black people have a dating site for only black singles.
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  7. blackpeoplemeet.com

    "BlackPeopleMeet.com is the premier online dating service for black singles. Black singles are online now in our large and active community for dating. BlackPeopleMeet.com is designed for dating, pen pals and to bring black singles together. Join BlackPeopleMeet.com and meet new black singles for friendship and dating. BlackPeopleMeet.com is a niche dating service for single black women and single black men. Become a member of BlackPeopleMeet.com and learn more about meeting your black match online. "

    So yea, don't wanna hear any fuss. :gtfo:
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  8. You don't have to lonely at FarmersOmly dot com
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  9. Doesn't really matter tbh.
  10. That is the site you are on huh?
  11. Also, there is nothing to debate here.

    If a white person excludes other races, it is racist.
    If another race excludes whites and other races, its being selective.

    There for, this is clearly racist. #WhiteLivesDontMatter
  12. John40 should report all them idiot teenagers for racism. What do you reckon, @Neptune ?
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  13. John40:16 says "BAN THY ACCOUNTS!"
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Race specific websites exist all over the place. I know white people ruined the world, but jesus, calm the fuck down and cut them some slack.
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  16. I don't see any problem with this at all. There's dating sites for all races, religions, MILFs, teens, trannie, etc. Maybe some white people only like dating white people and don't want to deal with rejecting horny niggaz and mexis.
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  17. I only like dating white people. I guess I'm a racist.
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  18. No, just have an ignorant position on who you find attractive. You are entitled to this opinion for sure though.
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  20. What makes his sexual preferences ignorant? Not asking that in a hostile manner, I'm just curious.
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