A Day To Remember: Common Courtesy

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, May 4, 2014.

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  1. Okay now here's a little story, last year a week after Christmas, I was a on a car ride to this place called "Bounce" a trampoline gym. In an effort just to get me a little happy from a bad Christmas and self doubt, and on the car ride there my friend was playing this really good music which I never heard before. I asked him what it was he said it from a punk band called "A Day To Remember" and it was a new album release called "Common Courtesy". It seemed to have cheered me up, so when I got home I look up the band and I listen to this song called "Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail". It kicked ass, later than I would listen to the songs, "Best of Me", "Life @ 11", & "Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way". Then this week I had an issue and my friend got me the CD with all 16 songs.I listened to the whole thing and it seems to cheer me up when I blast it through my radio. I want to show you guys all the songs on the record in case you're feeling down because these guys can really work as music therapy.

    Common Courtesy (open)

    1.City of Ocala
    Now this one came around a little before this week,its the opener and the name came from where the band started, which was Ocala, Florida. I don' t think there is a main chorus but the key terms in this song are "This is where I came from", and it's about the band's home, their "Corner of the world"

    2.Right Back At It Again
    After the end of "City of Ocala" this song comes immediatley up next, starts off with the monster voice (which is featured a lot in this album) screaming "WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU!" this is like the start to some of the hard core stuff but not too long moves back to pleasant, lyrics are somewhat confusing, and at the end of the son, it ends with the word "Bitch" then to a little sub-studio talk between the band members talking about keeping that part at the end of the song. I find it amusing

    3.Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail
    This is by far my favorite song on the album, and its the first song to feature most of the monster voice. The song starts off really hardcore, then halfway through it'll turn a little slow but thats when the lyrics get good, "I want to be a better person, I won't to know the master plan, cast your stones, cast your judgement, you don't make me who I am!" The song is trying to tell you, don't let anyone judge you, just be you, which makes this song amazing.

    4.Dead & Buried
    "LET ME FIND THE WAY!" This song didn't come around until just earlier this week when my friend bought me the CD. I have not listened to it much, but I got to admit another job well done by ADTR.

    5.Best of Me
    Aww yeah! 3rd fav! This one came around early January, the chorus kicks ass and the lyrics are amazing, "I can't believe you got the best of me, I can't believe I've trusted every word you said" something like that, this song is talking about betrayal where we though we had someone to talk to and then they betrayed us. Just wow.

    6.I'm Already Gone
    This is one of the sub-acoustics on the album, another one that just came up as well. Lyrics are discussing where you had a crush and then the girl just said "move on" and the lyrics discussing that he's "Already Gone".

    7.Violence (Enough is Enough)
    The most agressive and brutal sounding song on the album, another one that just came up too. Talking about how you are fed up with the fighting and you just wanna bud in and be like "ENOUGH!!" and just tell them how you feel, its crazy.

    8.Life @ 11
    Now this is my 2nd fav on the album. There is a lot to say on this one, this song talks about when like you're are trying to sleep and you can't stop over thinking and you fell prisoner to the voices in your head "I'm a slave to the voices in my head" are the key words here, then there's a part where you hear a bunch of people talking then the lead singer say "STOP!" to get the general idea on how it feels. This is also my crush's favorite song too (Yep... she loves this band as much as I do), so anytime I listen to it i can't help but to think of her.

    9.I Surrender
    The second sub-acoustic o the album, talks about giving up on the person you are trying to get with it feels like. Not much to say this one just came up too.

    10.Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way
    This is the shortest song on the album but... it's all out monster voice, its the only track really that deserves the Explicit mark, with lyrics like "IN THE END YOU'LL GET RAPED". This was the 2nd song i heard from the album and it quickly connected to me for it's sound.

    11.End of Me
    This was the hottest song that came up after I got the full album and it's fav number 5. I can't really describe what it't about but its a really sad song and the singing sounds great for it.

    12.The Document Speaks For Itself
    The longest song on the album and my 4th favorite, the opening is just nuts "YOU'RE ALL ABOUT YOU!" right there captures the song, you just think you're so selfish when in reality you are just fine, this song used to have an intro where this guy is talking about suieng the band and in the end of the song, the guys are sending a letter back to him.

    13.I Remember
    The last song on the main track, it sounds real sad, its about memories of the past and how thing are now, just so tough and how much people don't understand how you feel, now this song has a run time of 9 minutes but the actual song is only 4:22. the next 4 minutes is an outro where the band has a funny story dicussing there memories as a band the past years, and the story is ery funny, when I listen to this when i'm upset after the real song ends sometimes i'd listen tot he story to get good laugh instead of skipping to the bonus tracks.

    14.Leave All The Lights On
    Here's the first of the 3 bonus tracks, now this song can be judged wrongly by how it sounds in the beginning but it's a damn good song. The general idea i get is, you're afraid to sleep with the lights off because you are going through such a horrible phase in your life. So you want the lights still on because you're scared.
    (No Video Sorry but you can still purchase this track on iTunes without the full album)

    15.Good Things
    Not much to say here but this song is to cheer you and have you think of the good things in life.
    (No video either, this track requires the full album purchase)

    16.Same Book But Never The Same Page
    This was the best bonus track, it's where you're stuck in the same position but the story is a little different. "Once upon on me" in the beginning captures what you're suppose to think and the famous monster voice is featured in the end.
    (Same deal as "Good Things", needs the full album purchase)

    So what do you guys think? Sorry I couldn't get the bonus tracks for ya, but this band sure has helped me a lot this week.
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