Kayfabe A Des-asterous Return

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  1. *Boos, with a mild amount of cheers, echo around the arena alongside the music of Des Pierson. However the cheers disappear and the boos grow as the one who walks out onto the stage is Terra, not Des. The music dies off as she raises the mic to her mouth*
    Terra: You know, if it wasn't for the fact we are here in this dump of a town, I would have taken offense to that.
    *The boos continue as Terra makes her way down the ramp*
    Terra: Now, for weeks I have been going back and forth with the Board of Directors here at Exodus, as well as the Anonymous General Manager, over the situation of Des' suspension.
    *She climbs the steps, and as per usual, gets one of the ring crew members to get up and hold the ropes open for her to step into the ring*
    Terra: Meanwhile, during all of this, Des was working on a plan. He made a plan that was guaranteed to get his suspension lifted. I told him that it was ridiculous and would never work... however I was wrong.
    Terra: Over the past month, Des enacted his plan, a plan that featured someone who has earned the respect of many performers, officials, as well as fans over the past few years. Though questionable at times, he has always done what he thinks is best for all of you as well as the wrestling industry, and that man...that man is the Amazing H.
    *The crowd cheers and chants of "H" echo around the arena*
    Terra: And last week...last week the Amazing H did exactly that. He knew what needed to be done, he just required a little bit of a push to do so. Thus is why I am proud to request that you all join me in officially welcoming back...DES PIERSON!
    *Once again, the arena fills with boos, as well as some slight cheers, as Des' music resounds through the arena. After a few seconds, Des backs out onto the stage, arms out, before turning around to take a look around the arena. As Des begins to make his way down the ramp though, the cheers begin to overpower the boos as-*

  2. *The Amazing H walks out onto the stage, imitating exactly what Des was just doing as he walked out. H points at Des and runs down the ramp to catch up with him. Des turns around at the last second just as H catches up to him and hits him in the head, knocking him off his feet. Des rolls backwards onto his knees as H jumps on him, beating him down with straight punches to the head. Des manages to push H away but is unable to make an escape as H is straight back on him, stomping on his leg. H targets the left leg with an elbow drop and then continues to punch away at it. Des begins punching back as H is still laying into his leg. Des manages to get a few punches into the back of H’s head but it doesn’t seem to bother him, instead H continues to punch away at the left leg. H eventually stands up and Des tries too but struggles with his leg. Des turns around and signals for Terra to help. H runs at him and takes him out with a chop block. Terra runs over to the two men and stands at the bottom of the ramp, begging for H to stop. H picks Des up to his knees and readies him for a BWS. As H throws his arms up in the air, Terra takes this opportunity to push H, making him fall to the floor and in turn release the hold. Des quickly stumbles his way back up the ramp clutching his leg as he does so with Terra close behind. H gets back up to his feet and rolls into the ring, standing against the ropes watching Des retreat. He signals for him to come back down here but Des is wise enough to realise that isn’t a good idea and hobbles backstage. The screen fades to black.*