Movies A Die Hard 6 Is In The Works, And...

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  1. ...It sounds fucking awful.

    'Die Hard' Origin Story On The Drawing Board With Director Len Wiseman And Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

    Silly me, I thought the whole entire point of the original was that John McClane had never gone through something quite like this before. He was supposed to be a normal detective, not some hard-nosed Dirty Harry type who was used to exterminating a large number of criminals at once, let alone a Stallone or Schwarzenegger kind of bad-ass who could take on an entire group of terrorists with no fear. He was an ordinary guy thrust into an extraordinary situation, and he had to rely on every last iota of strength, wits, and survival instinct to overcome the insurmountable odds. The idea that he was always a "die hard type of fella" flies completely in the face of what his character was originally all about.
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  2. Just like so many other things, they sell it out. Should have stopped at 3.
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