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  1. *Jack Rogue's music hits and the crowd bursts into cheering*

    *Rogue sprints out from behind the LED board and holds his arms out by his sides in the centre of the stage to soak in the reception. However, as the cameraman moves up the ramp to get a closer view, Jack's expression is fairly serious. He moves briefly to each side of the stage to greet the fans either side, before taking his long, running strides down the ramp and sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. He stands up in the centre of the ring and turns 360 degrees to get a look at the crowd. This puts a small smile onto his face, as he reaches between the ropes on the far side of the ring to take a mic from the timekeeper, as his music fades*

    Jack: Ladies and gentlemen of Fort Worth, Texas!

    *The cheering rains down from the noisy audience as the wry grin so often seen on Jack's face begins to return*

    Jack: You know, there's nothing quite like a wonderful crowd to lift a bad mood, thank you guys. Because this past week, since my match with Chris "Doomsday" Parks on the last edition of Precision - or, rather, the aftermath of that match - among other events on that episode... it hasn't been a good week. Last week saw the return of my first friend in TWF. Last week saw the re-emergence... of Andersen Vega.

    *Boos immediately ring loud and clear throughout the arena as Rogue slowly shakes his head*

    Jack: But then again, no it didn't. Because evidently my friend Andersen, the man I knew in TWF, took all that I liked about him, all the good-naturedness and non-hostile confidence that had him take me under his wing when I first got to TWF... and left it back in Newark, New Jersey, where he went after The Scat near killed him at TWF WrestleMania. For anyone who wasn't here last week, Andersen returned by viciously assaulting one of the unlikely premier stars in Precision - here such people are so needed - Alice Xander. And not only that, but the man he brutally attacked was suffering from a similar situation to that that forced him from the ring, a concussion that Andersen mercilessly exploited with a baseball bat to the back of the neck.

    *By now the boos have increased to thunderous levels from this reminder of Vega's cruel battery of Xander the previous week*

    Jack: I haven't spoken to Alice Xander since then... but from what I've heard I doubt very much he's been speaking to anyone. While I'm not in a position to give a medical update on his condition, what I know for sure is that it's bad - we are unlikely to hear from him for some time. But in case Andersen Vega, in irretrievably casting aside the support of all of you, hadn't made enough mistakes last week, the next thing he did was attack me. After my match with Chris Parks, he attempted a similar assault with the same weapon on me. I tried to fight back, for Alice, for all of you, and to show Andersen what he's dealing with. But with a Pedigree he left me semi-conscious and stood dominant over two of Precision's most adored fan favourites in one night.

    Jack: But Andersen, you're dealing with a different man to the green rookie you introduced to TWF. I have success now, man. And I have what you haven't had for months, I've been high on the drug you've been craving, I've been on top of the world and you've watched me from down in the doldrums. I've had the appreciation of these people.

    *Rogue points behind him as he looks into the hard camera, and the crowd noisily cheer their support*

    Jack: So if you think you're coming at me to guarantee yourself an easy win on pay-per-view, to ease yourself back into the business, you can think again. Your arrogance will be your downfall, and I will prove it. I'd love to give you a chance, Vega, to say that I get it, that I understand what you're going through, and maybe to help you back into these people's hearts, where you used to belong. But you've crossed a line, Andersen. You've made calculated attacks from behind to further your agenda, to get the lips moving, to fast track to the top. It's working so far for you, but it's what we both fought. It's why I stood at your side in my TWF debut when we took on Ian Jaxs' guys. And now... now you're like the rest of them. You've succumbed, man. You gave in. You are what you hated. And I will not let it pay for you, I will beat the old Andersen, my friend, out of this new creature if I have to!

    *Rogue turns to face the ramp and holds out his non-mic arm out as the crowd cheer*

    Jack: So, Andersen! Come and get what you're going after! Get out here, and I'll show you what this rookie became!

    *A few seconds pass, then Vega's music hits and Rogue turns around to hype the crowd as he takes off his T-Shirt, looks over his shoulder, and backs up against a turnbuckle*

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  2. Lades and Gentlemen by Saliva blasts into the ears of everyone in the arena, and the audience seems to want to drown that noise out as they let out every bit of emotion they have with chorus of deafening boos. Jack Rogue, however, his just calmly leaning in his corner while checking his back every few seconds, not wanting to get blindsided again.

    Jack can relax however, as Andersen Vega slowly appears from the formally "Alice Position" and onto the stage, causing the boos to get louder. Jack notices something that gets him a little nervous, and that is the Baseball bat in Vega's right hand. Vega however is not nervous in the slightest, as the feeling of power is seemingly flowing through him, now knowing full well what he's capable of after last week's actions. He begins to lightly twirl the bat around with his right hand, and with a microphone in his left hand, he begins to speak.

    Vega: Ladies and Gentlemen!... Of Fort Worth, Texas.

    A cheap pop didn't seem to get in these fan's good graces as another round of boos shoot through the arena. Vega knew this and is seemingly reviling in the fact that he can so easily get a reaction from these people, pretty much controlling their emotions.

    Vega: Ya know Jack, you're right, there is nothing like a wonderful crowd to lift a bad mood... But lets face it, this crowd is far from wonderful. We're in Texas for Christ sake!... And not even a nice part of Texas!... Who books these venues in this company? I'm used to being in front of the biggest crowds in the best cities around the world. And now I'm in a place that makes Gotham City look like Disneyland. Damn my career went downhill fast... Anyway...

    The audience are once again booing as Vega just smiles and laughs, obviously getting amused by this hostile crowd, while Jack just looks on in seemingly sheer disappointment.

    Vega: Jack, old buddy old pal. How are you man? You fine? Good? All well and dandy?

    Jack: Cut your crap, Andersen. No-one wants to hear what you have to say, you brought your weapon, you're evidently here for a fight, let's save these people some time and get to it!

    The ever gutsy Jack Rogue receives a loud ovation from the audience, who obviously wants to see Jack beat the hell out of Vega.

    Yeah, that's not gonna happen right now. But if you want to be all serious, then I'll be serious. I didn't attack you last week because you're an easy target, because your not. Why on earth would I have brought you into TWF if I thought that you were a joke? I know you're good Jack, that's not why I attacked you. I attacked you because of them.

    Vega points to the audience, again getting a reaction in return.

    Vega: Jack, you say that I turned on these people? Nah. These people turned on me. In my last few months in TWF before my temporary retirement, I was going through some well documented tough times and all that culminated in taking two After Scats onto a ladder at Wrestlemania, which put me in a position where I couldn't compete anymore. I was down. I was out. And where were these people, who were suppose to be my adoring fans? Oh, I know. They moved on, just like that. They went and found someone else to leach onto. You! These people turned their backs on me... For you. That's why I attacked you Jack. I attacked you to spite them.

    Not only that Jack, but I attacked you because, like you said, you were my friend. And just like them, you turned your back on me. You're just like them. That's why they cheer you Jack! That's why you're so beloved. Because you, like them... Are pathetic. Yes, I attacked an innocent Alice Xander. He did nothing wrong to me. I attacked him because of them. Them! And because he was an embarrassment to the sport that I loved. That I damn near gave my life to! You. Him. Guys like you are the reason that this industry is dying!...

    Vega could probably go on forever, but Jack can't listen to this forever, and so he interrupts his once good friend and mentor.

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  3. Jack: Is that the best that the famed Andersen Vega can come up with? He, who ruthlessly undermined the tyrannical Ian Jaxs for weeks on end, can now only think of a five year old's insult to express his disdain for his former protege? Oh, Andersen, what did your absence do to you, man?

    *Rogue throws himself into the ropes in anger, and lands with one leg over the top rope and the other stood on the middle rope inside the ring. From this position, he leans forward towards Vega and shouts into his microphone*

    Jack: Pathetic? Pathetic, really? Says he who calls himself "King of this world", and then makes his glorious return to the ring he believes he can dominate, by blindsiding two fellow wrestlers with a weapon - one of whom was severely concussed, and the other who had just wrestled an entire match? You're gonna call ME pathetic, Andersen? It just doesn't get MORE hypocritical!

    *Rogue jumps down from the ropes back into the ring and begins to walk quickly across and around it, pointing into the stands, to the crowd's delight*

    Jack: And as for these people, people like those here tonight are the lifeblood of this country and the salt of this Earth, not to mention the only reason this business ever has existed or ever will! This business is the furthest thing from dying, and the fact that you've been unable to be a part of that success doesn't change it. I will not have you disparage these people, and definitely not from that comfy distance. If you're going to discredit them, you will damn well do it to the face of the man who will fight for them until his last breath!

    *By now the cheering and chanting for Jack is deafening - but as he stops still and puts the mic back to his mouth the arena falls near silent*

    Jack: One more thing. These people never turned their back on you - had you come back as you left I know for a fact they'd have welcomed you. But you didn't because you're scared that you're not the same wrestler you were, and because you think you'll never have the love people like me do. And I didn't turn my back on you either, I stuck up for you to people who thought you'd quit altogether, taken the coward's way out. People who said you didn't love the wrestling business anymore. And now I see they were right. Or were they? Were they, Andersen? You tell me, you show me. Come down here and prove you can still go, Vega!
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  4. Vega: Oh my god, Jack... How stupid do you think I am, huh?

    Jack: Very. Now get your ass down here!

    The crowd once again cheers Jack.

    Vega: Jack, that's not gonna happen. Not on your terms. Why on earth would I walk down to that ring to fight you? I've got a 15 minute Iron Man match to get ready for... Now, despite the fact that if I came down to that ring, I'd leave you lying there with your brains dribbling out of your ears, just like I did to Alice Xander... I'd be stupid for doing so because I could get hurt in the process so again, that's not happening. But Jack, you want to know if I can still "go"? Well, watch my match later tonight. Because for 15 minutes, I'm going to decimate Chris Parks and become the WWEF Iron Man Champion! And after I've done that... Well, I guess you'll have to wait and see what'll happen next. Hasta pronto, amigo!

    Vega smugly waves his hand at Jack before walking backstage, leaving Jack in the ring as the show cuts to a commercial break.

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