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Precision(Master Edition). 17th September. 2,000 People are slowly slowly starting to get up and go home but a unusual thing, unseen to the PS4 League Audience before today, appears on screen. It brings every single person back to the seat because why doesn't it? So everybody is now sat in their seats. Looking at the ti-tron because its showing a very dusty road with a road sign next to it with the words Precision C16

(I know, my graphics skills are on point)

The man in on titron just stands there, staring into the fiery sun as the crowd start to speculate who this man could be. The names being echoed are people like Tony Scoccerboy, Danny Jacobs and Chris Young but one thing was for certain, everybody was confused until the camera started to move closer to the man in question. Only to reveal black hair, hoodie with the words "Trying new things" on it as the man slowly turns around to reveal a guy with a familiar face to people who watch other promotions who automatically raise to their feet and start shouting support as a theme song explodes through the speakers.

The crowd anticipate the new guy and it is revealed at the exact 43 second mark as the man known as The British Apprentice, Reagan Cole walks into the precision arena for the very first time to a massive crowd reaction and of course there is some Jeers to combat the Cheers. Reagan doesn't care as he embraces all of the reaction drawn to him as he smiles at the crowd and Cole walks down the ramp, pointing at a The Blade sign and with a disappointed look on his face, Reagan shakes his head at the sign. Cole meets the ring and he walks around the ring to handshake the Commentator who is of course The Reagmaster and it's safe to say that Master is marking out. Reagan compliments Reagmaster's style before grabbing a microphone and entering the ring. Reagan looks at the crowd with a great smile before lifting the microphone

Reagan: Ladies and Gentleman...

The cheers multiply and so do the boos as Reagan takes a break so he can hear the reaction and feel the electricity from the crowd before continuing

Reagan: As I was saying...Ladies and Gentleman my name is Reagan Cole and I'm here in precision! Now to explain why I'm here. To fully explain that answer, you have to go back around a month when I was defeated in my last match in IWT. It was a bad defeat for me, I tried and I failed. Simple as that. People say that I passed the torch but did I want to pass the torch to someone like Ivy Hale? No, I didn't. I wanted to pass the torch to someone that deserved it. Someone who could go on to hold the entire promotion on their back! I knew then that I wasn't going to find the people with the most potential there and I left. So I looked through promotion beyond promotion, looking for the right company with the people with the best ability then I looked at Exodus and oh boy, that needs work. So I came here to Precision and I saw people like Robert Blake *boos* Jack Rogue *boos increase* And even Buster Gates *Boos become nuclear level* Wow, it's almost like this promotion doesn't have many good guys. Very strange.

Anyway so I looked at this place and I was just about to sign the contract to become a wrestler here but then I realised that what was I going to do here? I wanted to show the potential and elevate the Precison brand. But how am I going to do that as a wrestler? Win the world title for myself? Nah, I'm not egotistical enough to do that. So I didn't want to wrestle to elevate the brand and because Ryan Blake wanted me in this very ring so badly, I told him what I wanted and he did it. So to repeat the start of my discussion to you all. Ladies and gentleman my name is Reagan Cole and I am precision's first manager!

Slightly more boos erupt as they realise that Reagan isn't going to wrestle but still a lot of cheers due to the fact that Reagan is still there.

Reagan: So after this glorious meeting, I searched some more into the locker room. I studied all of these matches that The Reagmaster technically set up and I saw who needed my help because why bother getting the worst and training him to become the best when you can just get the best? Yea, I think it's about time that I introduce you to my new clients so here they are!

Reagan looks at the titron and starts to clap for his new comrades
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*The arena goes pitch black, the faint sound of Reagan's claps can be heard. After around 13 seconds or so, the titantron flickers and flashes. Multiple images are displayed, showing brief clips of some the best matches that Precision has seen to date. 'Buster Gates vs. Alice Xander to crown the first Undisputed Champion', 'Jack Rogue vs. Andersen Vega', 'Reagmaster vs. James Ellsworth in a pre-show match of the year candidate...' and finally the titantron shows Will Neilson pinning Robert Blake at Hell in a Cell to win the Undisputed Championship. The still image of Neilson raising the title with static chipping in every few seconds is shown on the titantron for 10 seconds before it blacks out again.*

*The music hits and the crowd are confused, but begin to boo as they anticipate who is going to come out. Finally, out walks Will Neilson, Antonio Stark and Chris Parks all in their familiar wrestling gear with the traditional "ANARCHY INC 4 LIFE" shirts. The lights come back on and clearly reveal the group as well as the unhappy expressions on most of the fans faces. Stark and Parks walk out in front of Neilson and begin their slow walk to the ring, Will runs from behind and as Antonio and Chris kneel down he jumps over them with ease, showing off to the crowd. Among the loud boos, there is the cheers from Reagan and the claps aswell. Anarchy Inc climb into the ring and Neilson throws the title over his shoulder before taking the mic off of Cole.*

Will: WOOOOOOO! What's up everyone? *Crowd boos loudly* Shut it. *Another collection of loud boos from the crowd* As a group, we needed to expand, we needed to evolve. That's where Reagan comes in, he knows how to wrestle, he knows how to talk... and most importantly.... he knows how to spark a reaction. It's what we've needed.... a manager to come in and represent us, to help us develop and make us better. Reagan knows what we are made of, he wants the best... and he's got the best. Anarchy Inc is here to take over Precision!

*Will lowers the mic from his mouth and takes some time to look at all of the people in attendance, they are booing louder than ever. All 4 men laugh it all off, and Will begins to talk again, with a much more louder voice.*

Will: This is a message to everyone back in the locker room.... your all targets, you all have a big red dot painted right on your back. We will go through everyone! Rogue will be broken, Vega will suffer, Gates will lose the will to continue, Blade will never show his face again, Ryan and Robert will be demolished. Anarchy Inc is the best.... and no one can compete with us or come close to the level that we are at. Just because Reagan is retired, doesn't mean he can't do the dirty work aswell, he would love to get his hands on a few certain people, while helping us destory anyone who dares to oppose us. Next Sunday at Wrestle Dynasty.... I enter Undisputed Champion, I exit Undisputed Champion, by any means necessary. As your lives drop one by one.... it will be.... Game Over.

*Will drops the mic and re-positions his championship before signalling to Parks, Stark and Cole to get out the ring. All 4 men leave with a smile on their faces, Anarchy Inc walks backstage, as the show comes to an end.*

End of Segment

Not the greatest promo, but it's good enough for now.


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