WrestleMania A disturbing possibility for Dolph

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dat Kid, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. There is a very strong possibility for Dolph to cash in tonight. Since WWE tries to make them unpredictable and they've been doing that by toning down the amount of TV time Dolph has had and I haven't heard any mention of the briefcase in a long time, so I would be shocked if he didn't cash in tonight.

    However, despite that there is a strong possibility that the World Heavyweight Championship match will be the first match on the card tonight. Which means the first thing to happen tonight will be a Dolph cash in, based on the WHC always being first.

    Which means there is also a chance that Dolph could be put in another match with his newly won WHC...and lose it in the same night
  2. I don't think he'll cash in.
  3. I think he'll cash in but after WM
  4. I think they'll open with the tag match, Ziggler will job and then later on he'll win the WHC.
  5. Wasn't there a thread yesterday saying that the Tag Title match is opening the show?
  6. Tag match is opening I think, so there's a high possibility of him cashing in.
  7. inb4 another ''18 seconds'' type moment :pity2:
  8. ^^
  9. Rumor is the tag match with Ziggles is first. I doubt he cash in tonight seems too predictable and boring.
  10. Whilst it's predictable, it adds a Wrestlemania moment to this years Wrestlemania. It's good for Dolph both kayfabe and generally, because there is no bigger stage to do it, and probably no hotter crowd to do it in front of. I could see them swerving us and have him cashing it in on ADR tomorrow night though.
  11. well yeah i suppose it fits with his whole show off gimmick but i think as you said a swerve will happen and on raw will be his night of glory.
  12. I hope he doesn't cash in tonight. He should cash in tomorrow night on RAW.
  13. What if we just get a generic fake cash in tonight? How lame would that be lol
  14. Vince working the smarks is probably realistic. Dolph comes out, arena erupts, Dolph just walks to the back, Vince shits himself laughing.
  15. Aww come on man fuck you Crayo even bringing this possibility up lmao
  16. :sad:

    But... but... he can always cash in tomorrow. :yay:?
  17. :no:

    WM or bust.
  18. haha Crayo taking the heat when I ashley brought up the possibility of fake cash in :yes:
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  19. I was disappointed that Ziggler didn't accomplish anything tonight. I would have liked to see him cash in.
  20. Ziggler is a first rate jobber.
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