A disturbing theory for WM

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Laura, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Now that it's confimed that the Cena/Ziggler match at TLC will be for the MITB briefcase, what are the chances that Cena will win, cash in, and become champ - just in time to face The Rock at WM in a title unification match after the "Great One" beats Punk at RR?

    More likely AJ will turn heel and help Ziggler win, but it wouldn't surprise me if the WWE really were stupid enough to sew up both titles in in a novelty WM main event.
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  2. I really don't want to see Cena winning. The idea of unifying the titles is OK by me, I wouldn't like to see it that way though. I'll be optimistic and say Ziggler wins. Then again, I was pretty sure Brock Lesnar was going to beat Cena at ER too.
  3. Dude, they're definitely not unifying the titles just yet. Besides, how would the Rumble winner fit into all of this?
  4. Good point. Like I said, it was just a crazy theory that occured to me. It couldn't possibly happen.
  5. Come to think of it though, Cena could win and then they change the rules (it is WWE, afterall) to she can cash in on either title. He then decides to cash in on the WWE Title by challenging The Rock at Wrestlemania. That sounds believable, but I still doubt it will happen. Another reason not to believe that there would be a unification match is because if there was one, it would be extremely obvious the WWE Champion would win because the WWE Title is the main title of the company's history. Which means Rock would win and unify the belts, which obviously wouldn't happen.
  6. Or maybe they could do a triple threat Rock vs Cena vs Rumble Winner unification match, with the Rumble Winner winning and thereby protecting the "prestige" of both championships - the same way Jericho did against Rock and Austin. But again, the rumble means nothing and the winner will never be in such a high profile match.
  7. Unifying the titles is a dream that won't come true :sad:
  8. The title's won't be unified as long as WWE has both RAW and Smackdown. Both shows make them too much money to cancel either (smackdown)
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