A ''Face Turn'' that you want so badly to see

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. As the Wrestlemania season gets slowly over, everyone knows that wwe slows down a bit.And with C M Punk taking some time off TV, the company needs a bit of star power as well as something ''exciting'' to happen on raw and SD in the weeks that follow.Many thought that Cena will turn Heel at WM 29 because it is that change in character that he needs , to beat the rock at WM.But wwe made it crystal clear that Cena is not turning Heel anytime soon. Instead the company is trying so desperately to work something out for Cena. Something that will shut the ''same old shit'' and ''boring'' chants from the Fans to Cena forever. But that's not the only thing wwe needs right now.They also need to bring some excitement in their storylines . And with Ryback turning Heel, some of that is achieved . But what someone Heel turning Face on raw, smack down or even at Extreme Rules? Would you like it, love it, hate it or think it's not necessary now?
    If you want that ''Face Turn'' so bad, then who would it be and why? Also Discuss how will be the storyline.
  2. A good face turn is always hard to predict and know if it would be a good thing for a superstars career. I think a great heel turn would be Zach Ryder. If Ryder was to turn HEEL it would do good things for his career. He had a ton of buzz but lost it all because he never won matches, now he kinda jobs a lot. WWE could have him be fed up of losing and turn on everybody (classic WWE storyline).
    I actually really like Alberto Del Rios face turn. I honestly could not stand him as a heel. Now that he's a face I like his character more. I love Jack Swagger's new character too. He went from heel to super heel. Totally awesome.
    Some face turns I'd be curious to see:
    -Heath Slater/3mb
    -Cody Rhodes
    -Mark Henry (although I doubt this would happen; he's for sure a top heel)
    -Prime Time Players
    -Big E Langston (I can already tell he's going to get fed up with Dolph and AJ's crap and he's gonna turn heel, win a few matches the following weeks, and then become a nobody. I could be wrong but I don't see Langston becoming anything in the WWE, he reminds me of Ezekial Jackson when he was with "The Brian Kendrick")

    I would absolutely love a heel turn from Rey Mysterio. He's such a babyface it would be a complete shock and change of pace. See WWE writer's are missing the fundamentals of characterization. You have to make a character dynamic for them to be interesting. For them to be dynamic they need to have good points and bad points. They can't always be good (i.e. John Cena, Rey Mysterio)
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  3. ziggler isn't turning face anytime soon. at least i don't see that happening coz he will probably dominate as atop heel of the company now that he's finally champion, .............NOPE i don't seethat happening ''ziggy''...............and if wwe were to take sucha decision it would spell disaster for the company...................thanx for commenting anyway.................but in the future if you don't have apiont then just SHUT UP and gtfo
  4. who the fuck are you
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  5. .............i'm a guy who unlike you enjoy good wrestling.....................just wanted 2 give you some advice if u don't have apiont then just don't speak BITCH
  6. Hey, fucking retard, the thread says face turn that I want to see. I want to see Ziggler working as a face so I posted it. What part of that is not having a point? You asked a question, I answered it. That's how shit works you piece of trailer trash.
  7. The fuck? I may not always agree with him, but I can see from many posts in this forum that Dolph's enjoys good wrestling. Also a topic named "A face turn you want to see badly" means all the posts are a complete opinion to those who post. If you don't like it, to bad, it's someone else's opinion.

    As for my face turn, the only one I wanna see is Big E.
  8. whoa!.........................looks like THE UGLY BITCH IS ANGRY. You know what, i just wanted to say that ''a face turn that you badly need to see'' and not onl;y you but the wwe. if ziggler turns face it will ruin the potential of dolph as a top heel. i see him climbing up the ladder to main eventppv's as a heel. so there................you don't have apoint with him as a face so soon................got it...............''BITCH''
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  12. I'd probably go with Ziggler as well. I don't really want to see him as a face since I feel he works best as a heel but looking at all the other options, he's the best (or least worse), however you want to put it. Mark Henry being a face at this point would be absolute shit. No interest in all the other ones as I don't think they're plausibly turning face anytime soon. Darren Young maybe when the PTP split up, but I don't see them splitting anytime soon.
  13. ....Shouldn't the name of the thread be, "Face turns you and the WWE want to see" or something like that.
  14. what the fuck?
  15. I can tell Shrayan is special... Short bus special, that is.
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  16. GOAT comeback. D'Z stfu.
  17. Gohan, watch out. Looks like you have some competition.
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