A fantastic potential spoiler for tonight's RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 28, 2012.

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  1. No Kane interfering in Bryan/Punk = :yes:
  2. If this is so I will run around my campus screaming :yes:
  3. :yes:, even though this match seems like random, lazy booking. Well, whatever, we'll have Punk vs Bryan again. :sweet:
  4. And no interruptions = fantastic.

    Couldn't care about Orton/Kane tbh. We were going to get Orton/Jericho anyway which sucks. Orton/Kane had a decent match at ER though.
  5. Oh yes, I had already forgotten we were going to get Orton vs Jericho, but our stupid police officers can't tell a heel getting heat on a wrestling show apart from reality. Anyway, since it's emergency booking I'm OK with it. Punk vs Bryan with no interruptions from Kane at No Way Out... Here we go again. :gusta:
  6. Dave Meltzer Sucks.
  7. Cane Dave.
  8. I fucking hate Dave.
  9. Proved my point here. He fucksucks and you also suck for believing to that sucker.
  10. > Implying Testify made a point.
  11. Didn't happen. :upset:
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