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I guess i'll be first to explain my position...

I'm retiring from the leagues, not just this one but the PS4 league too so i'm going to tag everyone who I feel necessary.

In the PS4 league I had this whole month planned for a feud with @CiV but for whatever reason he hasn't been able to get on the forum and because of this the feud hasn't even been able to start. It's a real shame because we had some good stuff planned but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I just don't personally have time for this anymore. The promos, the matches, recording and all that stuff... I just don't have the time that I used to have the past few years. The game has become stale to me and even throughout this entire year, I only played my league matches for the week and that was it. I never touched the game otherwise. I honestly have no idea how I managed to have a good record or hold my own against other people with no practice whatsoever but I dealt with it. These past few years have been fun and being Buster Gates has been a great time and I've loved playing a character. Not just him but all my other characters over the years, from The Amazing H, Jay Sparks and Minho, all of them have meant something to me and have kept me busy so sooo much and i'm thankful for that.

Way back in 2K14 I joined this league and I loved every second of it. Playing a character, being involved in a community, everything about this was incredible. We thrived! We had a great community of people who just liked to talk and play their characters and have fun and that's the basics that are no longer here in either league. It's no longer fun for me and it's become a burden more than anything else. I feel hassle and stress nearly every time I try to set something up and that's just not good. It's made me not enjoy the leagues and I've felt like this the past few months.

I went from just being a participant in the leagues to running one, then handing them over and currently watching both slowly come to a halt. It's a sad time but I feel like many people are in the same position as me. I personally feel like things have became stale and my life has changed to the point where this type of thing isn't as enjoyable as it used to be.

Fortunately I've made some good friends along the way. People like @Frosty. We may have a couple of differences now and you might just be the biggest dick on this entire forum but you're an alright dude. Stop letting your ego get the better of you and people might actually like you a bit more. You've been a great rival.

@LukeTheGreatFTW quite possibly my longest friend on these forums. I don't have a bad word to say about you. A true gent always. You've always been a help when needed and involved in some of my best stories. You might not have been around much this year but you've always been true to yourself and I respect that immensely.

@Emo Again, another long time friend. We might not talk to each other that much but we've never been on the wrong side of each other from as far as I can remember. You're a cool dude and we've put on some great matches.

@Jet Starr Another King. I rank you highly which is one of the reasons I gave you control of this league. It's a shame how it's turned out but you're still a good friend. Another person who I've always enjoyed working with and having matches against.

@Finniis An old friend. Back in 2K14 you were the highlight of my year. H and Aleks tearing it up together was great. Quite possibly my favourite league moments. It's a shame you disappeared for so long but it's good to see you back now.

@impactking You are quite possibly my favourite opponent. We rarely talk, but you're one of the people again who has been around the longest and every time we have locked horns it's been a good match. Thanks for putting on a show.

@Hybrid I'll outright say I just didn't used to like you. I think you took yourself too seriously when you first joined but thankfully you seemed to have changed and these past two years I've enjoyed having you around. We've done quite a few things together and we've never argued during this time.

@Fireshock Another long time rival. Every single match we've had has been top class. You've never let me down and never disappointed. It's a shame we never did a fully fleshed out rivalry together but every time we did do something even minor it was great.

@Welsh-Wizard-97 You're an interesting guy. Even though you might shout your opinions out to whoever listens even if they're wrong you've never seemingly had much bad to say about me. I think some people might not quite understand you but I get it. You're not half bad.

@CiV It's a shame this month didn't pan out. I really looked forward to having this feud with you. We were both classed as some of the best promo-ers on the PS4 league and when we finally came around to doing something together it just didn't happen. It's a shame, but oh well. I like you.

I'm just going to end this here. I know there's a couple other people who I talk to now and again and you know who you are but honestly I don't have a bad word to say about anyone. I hear @LukeTheGreatFTW might have plans in the future and I'm going to be involved in that, but as far as these leagues go, it's been a fun ride but I'm going to sail off into the sunset.

And finally just to clarify, i'm not done with the forum, i'm still going to be here but considering I was only here basically for the leagues I doubt you'll hear too much from me.

Anyway it's been fun...

- The Amazing H, Jay Sparks, Buster Gates, Minho.
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