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  1. I just came up with a couple of suggestions, only small ones.

    Instead of calling Member of The Month, Member of The Month, you could always call it something related to WWE like the Forum Champion etc. Not very creative with those names.

    Second of all, there could be like a points system and you could use it make it easier for name changes so you get 1 point for each post/thread and when you have 250 points, you could have a name change and it would be easier to remove the points from an account or make them donate the points to you for a name change. Saves you having to record everything in a thread and then look back at every name change. They could simply donate the money with their chosen username as a comment.

    A few basic ideas, the second one is to make it easier for you admins or at least I think would be easier.

  2. an alternative to Member of the month could be the Decorum of the Forum :isee:
  3. I like the first one, I already came up with that months ago but forgot. I was wanting a MOTM plugin made where the winner has an extra box on the post_bit with the forum championship belt, then if they lose it the box goes and the belt goes to someone else so they become the new champion. If they win it 2 months in a row it'll say "2 time forum champion" for example. I completely forgot about it though so thanks for reminding me.

    As for the second one, the points plugin is buggy and extremely ugly. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. No problem and I didn't think about the other one with all the bugs.
  5. I beat the points system btw when we had it. :boss1:
  6. That thing was hideous 0.000000000000001 points for a post but a referall gets 1,002,014 points.
  7. I can probably do this without a plugin.
  8. :win:

    how does that make you feel now, Crayo? :jericho:
  9. But! It would require you/me to manually edit code every time. I'm used to this, never bothered with settings, don't know about you.
  10. Shocked. I didn't know what I wanted (and still don't) can be done without a plugin. I don't think I put enough detail in it. I'd want to be able to simply put the user who won in an ACP setting of some sort, I wouldn't want it to require effort since I'm lazy lol.

    There's a more advanced version of that idea that would definitely require a plugin, where everything is automatic apart from the voting. You click and vote (like a poll) who you vote for, it automatically closes at X time I set and it calculates the winner and makes the changes, but I'm not sure I want to fork out -- which would probably be quite a lot -- for that.

    Edit: ninja'd, that's what I thought. It depends on how much would need to be changed etc each time.
  11. Do you have an MOTM user group? If so, something like this will work,

    <if $mybb->user['usergroup'] == "X" then>
    Belt imagecss and such </if>
  12. Yeah, gid 18. That'd work but it wouldn't add the "X time champion" too multiple winners, but we would simply edit that ourselves. I'll bug you near the time of the next MOTM to test it if you want. Will add to User CP notepad lol.
  13. Alright. Perhaps a small plugin is better, something I could try.
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