A fun local tradition

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  1. In the town I live in they always build a giant straw goat during Christmas. That is supposed to stand until New Years. Though there has also sprung up another tradition around it, lighting it on fire and not getting caught. There are betting firms that takes bets on it. Here is the vid of this years goat going down in flames last night.

    Bastard burns fast
  2. I love the fact that you have local betting firms that condone this by taking bets on it just made the entire video that little bit sweeter.
  3. Local? There are firms all over the world. I know there is one in London. we had an Englishman who came here once and lit it on fire using a burning arrow whilst dressed as father Christmas.
  4. WOW that's even better haha. I had no idea I presumed it would be like a local firm taking those bets on.

  5. I thought this was from your national holiday video? :smug:
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