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Aug 8, 2013
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CM Shaddix Presents:
How he believes Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan discussed the post-BFG shows/World Title Series
Sometime in late July:
Dixie: Oh my god Billy this is awful, DA agreed to keep us on the rest of the year!
Billy: Huh? The should be a great thing! We have a network for a little longer.
Dixie: Yeah but we have no place to tape shows after BFG! Nobody wants to book us!
Billy: What about those One Night Only tapings we made before the last strand of pre-BFG shows?
Dixie: Yeah but how can we make a story out of that?
Billy: Well it was supposed to be a tournament.... we can do a very complex World Title Tournament! After when Matt Hardy wins the belt, EC3 can file something unique sounding like an injunction using Jeff's criminal record, and Hardy can surrender the belt! Then the tournament can begin! We get a good pop from the North Carolina crowd so it looks like people still are really into our product, and a fully functioning storyline!
Dixie: Hmmm that can work...
Billy: All we gotta do is use the tapings and make a bunch of "backstage" segments now for a little bit of storyline depth!
Dixie: Good Idea Billy! We can make this tournament so huge, the knockouts are in it too!
Billy: Wait what? Why?
Dixie: We can't show anyone with a belt on those tapings so after Gail Kim wins the title, we can say she doesn't bring it to the shows because "she's focusing on becoming World Champion".
Billy: Hmmm good idea!
Dixie: Wait- what about when people leave the company from now until September? Storm and Aries already left, and what about people like Shera and Manik who have changed their gimmicks on the second set of taping?
Billy: Well we can't explain Storm, and we never killed him off, Shera we edit his entrance so people are doing the Shera Shuffle and say he's wearing Khoya trunks for he's "haunted" by his past, Manik can have an identity crisis. Austin Aries though.... you got me there, Josh Matthews can just ramble on commentary like he always does since there is no way we explain why Aries is back.
Dixie: Good idea! Wait Matthews... what about Matthews and Pope? We need to show them doing commentary somewhere...
Billy: Well we wasted most of our money to get Jarrett out of the company's picture, I guess we can use a Green Screen...
Dixie: Yeah! That's affordable.
Billy: Then we just gotta make a play for Tyrus since he'll have that Title shot...
Dixie: Nah.. we can just have him mention it a few times in backstage promos then just forget about it like when we had Ric Flair admit to having sex with a horse, audience will totally forget!
Billy: Good idea! But what about the employees? Should we tell them about all this now?
Dixie: Are you kidding? They'll think we are at a bigger all time low than when we let Jarrett in a few months back!
Billy: So we can't tell them anything?
Dixie: We can just have Bob Ryder tell them everything is fine and things are looking up, he's good at happiness and lying, like his Twitter followers that one time!
Billy: Nice...and what about when we finally get a place to do tapings? We are sure to have many changes in the company, people going, changing their looks, lack of matches still to be done in the tournament?
Dixie: Eh, we can just say the first part of the tournament was done through "live events" and BS scores so people in the company still are in the second half, then when asked where the losers are, we can say they were killed off kinda like how we killed off Bully Ray. Then like Tyrus' title shot, they'll be forgotten!
Billy: Alright! That sounds like a plan.
Dixie: Excellent! TO THE iMovie HARDWARE! Let's make magic happen!

Lol I had so much fun writing that.

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