A Future Brighter Than Bleached Shirts

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  1. A Future Brighter Than Bleached Shirts

    Ladies and gentlemen hello, it is I, Kooldip! Today I have written a rant about one superstar within the WWE who I feel has the potential to take the torch from one Undertaker and run with it. (This rant is also me explaining the build up to the Wyatt Family's debut from my perspective and what I was thinking and feeling during the build up. I hope I didn't ramble too much!)

    His name is Bray Wyatt! Yes, I personally feel that Bray Wyatt has all of the tools and the potential to legitimately take the spot of The Undertaker. According to the always reliable and well cited Wikipedia, The Undertaker (who will be referred to as 'Taker from now on) is 48 years old. For the last 23 years, 'Taker has been a staple on WWE's roster and has essentially been a main event player since 1991, talk about longevity. However, as time goes on, it's become far too apparent that 'Taker is well beyond his glory days and has essentially ran the gas tank passed "E". He is only able to work one show a year due to years of injuries (most of which he worked while having) and beyond that, he's been wrestling since the early 80's, his body is just done. What does this mean for WWE? Well, their biggest attraction at their biggest show is running on empty and it seems as if they've done next to nothing to fill that void... until now.

    (Story time)
    This past summer, we were introduced to a character named Bray Wyatt, a cult leader who uses completely off the wall delivery and analogies to get his points across. Now, I had known of Bray due to his previous involvement on the main roster as Husky Harris and once he was sent back to NXT, his name was popping up everywhere. I only knew of what he was doing from reading about it and not actually watching. Then May 27th 2013 came around, there I was, sitting third row opposite of the hard camera and this mysterious vignette played on the titantron. I was captivated by this person and his words and I knew right then and there, we had something special coming our way. These vignettes played more and more as the weeks went on and my intrigue was beyond piqued, I needed to see this guy already.

    Finally it was time, the 1054th episode of Monday Night RAW was slated to include the debut of the Wyatt family... my body wasn't Reggie. The vignettes showed throughout the show were amazing, the setting, the lighting, the tone and even the acting were all done beautifully. Harper and Rowan joined Bray in his dark and dusty basement, he blew out his lantern and it was finally time. I was literally shaking, I couldn't believe that WWE was actually going to show and promote such a dark character on their show, after years of safe PG material, they were finally going to take a risk! The lights went out, people actually cheered (including kids) and the ominous bass played through the arena as the three large individuals walked to the ring with only the light from a lantern to lead the way. Holy shit. Then Harper and Rowan beat up Kane in what was an underwhelming post entrance debut.

    So after all of this, what made me come to the conclusion that Bray could have the torched passed down from someone I consider to be the greatest of all time, well lets look at some facts. First off, Bray is 26 years old, as he used to say in NXT, "time is on my side" and he couldn't be more right about that. Being so young and so polished on the mic, he's already in the running to become someone that WWE will want to prominently feature for the next 10-15 years or so. Second, he's not small! WWE apparently has an ever lasting vendetta against small guys as we've seen for years(rant for another time), but Bray comes in at 6'3'' 285lbs, I'd imagine that he meets their ridiculous standards.

    However there is one thing that convinced me that he could very well attain this obscene position I am so adamantly supporting, and that was something that happened during his debut. When his music hit and he walked out, as I mentioned before, the crowd legitimately cheered. It wasn't just adult males, it was children and presumably it was the women as well. If we take a quick look to 1991, Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWE title in his first year... and the people cheered. A new heel just beat the WWE's poster bo... roided freak and he was cheered for it, that is mind blowing. The reason they cheered for 'Taker (I believe) was because the fans (that did cheer) were in to his character 100% and instead of booing, they cheered out of appreciation for how great they thought his character was and they let Vince and the gang know that they were ready for a changing of the guard. I can't help but see parallels with Bray in the early stages of his career, the crowd pops everytime he appears, they're captivated by how mysterious he is and different he is. I think it's beautiful, WWE has finally got someone that has everything to become their next "trump card" as I put it earlier.

    In closing, regardless of whether I'm wrong or not, WWE and the fans know that 'Taker is playing 4th overtime hockey here, they know it's almost time for him to officially call it quits. I am convinced that the absolute best candidate to take that spot is Bray and maybe one day you will as well. If you're unsure about the whole thing... well look up to the sky (or ceiling) and let the buzzards lead you to your answer.

    Feel free to leave any and all feedback, tell me what you didn't like, what you did like and if you agree or disagree with my bold predictions. Thanks a lot for reading and have a great immediate future!



    P.S. I apologize for my awful grammar mistakes!
  2. Didn't read past the first paragraph. Nonetheless, The Hoff agrees with you solely based on the fact that Bray has a badass beard
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  3. I could have just written "First, he has a phenomenal beard and some sick ass flow... and that's all you need to know" after the first paragraph and it would have had the same impact.
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  4. I know it may sound a bit odd, but would you allow The Hoff to use that line in his signature? The Hoff likes and is amused :terry::happy:
  5. It be an honor! Go for it.
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  6. The Hoff thanks you a thousand times my friend. :jbl:
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