A Future Target For The Shield Should Be...

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  1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin of all people.

    Ever since arriving last November, The Shield have targeted, defeated and/or destroyed a lot of people - John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Ryback, Brodus Clay, Tensai, 3MB - they even targeted Triple H just recently and I'm sure that's gonna grow into much more of a conflict soon enough (I'm predicting they'll interfere on Brock's behalf at Extreme Rules, but that's another story.) Who else to target? Well, who other than the target of all targets, the Rattlesnake and Bionic Redneck himself.

    Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin has a reason to actually attend a Raw one night. Maybe he's the GM for one night only, like back in June of 2011. Imagine at some point during the show, he has a short confrontation backstage with all three members of The Shield (picture that short confrontation in the backstage halls he had with the NWO at No Way Out 2002) where they tease something happening between them. Let's just say you can feel the tension between them. Then later at the end of the show, he does some sort of promo in the ring (maybe he even has to stunner someone for some reason) and then The Shield's music hits. They surround the ring and maybe Austin even dares them on the mic to come down and get their ass whipped (his words.) They zone in, creep onto the apron slowly as they do, and then quickly come through the ropes and a huge brawl with Austin eurpts. I imagine all of this being awesome, btw.

    I see Austin putting up a damn good fight since brawling is pretty much what he did the bulk of his matches during the Attitude Era. Austin fought with the best of them, sometimes one against many (remember him coming in and brawling with all the Alliance guys prior to the Invasion PPV?) I can even see him getting a Stone Cold Stunner in on one of them, likely Ambrose or Rollins. I can see it with either one of them, but I picture it with Rollins better, because it's easier to picture Rollins selling the stunner with his long hair flying back as he takes the stunner. Maybe he gets both Ambrose and Rollins before Reigns takes him down with a harsh clothesline. Either way, they eventually overpower him and destroy him with the triple powerbomb (don't know what else to call it.) This is where the three of them 'toast' a beer to each other and pour much of it over Austin's unconscious body, but unfortunately, WWE doesn't allow beer on the show anymore.

    The Shield getting to rub up against Austin and destroy him as well would be awesome.
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  2. Goddamn. This would be awesome. That last paragraph gave me a boner.
  3. I don't see a reason for it to be done other than Punk possibly feuding with Austin when he returns. It would be nice to see, but assuming that Austin will have limited dates I doubt it'l happen
  4. With the situation you posted, we might see Punk, Austin and Triple H vs The Shield? In which they finally take their first loss at a Major PPV, i'd be fairly happy to see that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. I'd rather split it, Ambrose over Austin, Reigns over HHH and Punk vs Rollins as a triple main event. Throw in Taker vs Cena for the streak, Brock defending the WWE title against some young baby face (a technical machine Daniel Bryan could work) I'm not sure whether to put Punk over to make the score 2 1 Shield or have them go completely over, the older guys should job so I'm leaning more Rollins.
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  6. Don't see Austin returning and having one final match be a tag team match unless he actually worked more than one match and I honestly don't see that happening. At this point though, with The Shield's dominance, a loaded star studded tag team like that might be the only team to plausibly defeat them. After all the people they've run through, they can't just end up taking their loss to a thrown together team of midcarders/upper-midcarders who come together and rally each other to bring all they got to finally defeat The Shield (like Show/Orton/Sheamus, for example.)

    It would be ironic for CM Punk to be apart of The Shield's first big loss though, considering his history with them. He's someone they haven't targeted or run through yet, so I could see him being apart of the team that finally defeats them (IF that happens, I made another thread recently where I said it would be awesome if they never lost a six man tag team match as a cohesive group, just to show how unstoppable they were when they all three were together.)

    My only issue there is that there's two matches that could plausibly be the main event, which is Austin and the streak match. Austin said he's never working a Wrestlemania unless his "one final match" is the main event of the card, regardless of his opponent. And I don't blame him - he was huge in his day and got the ball rolling on the Attitude Era, and they've given the main event to Undertaker's streak a couple of times, HBK's retirement and The Rock (who was 2nd to Austin in the AE, regardless of his movie star fame nowadays) twice, so no reason to make an exception with Austin. And the streak match between Cena/Taker would be absolutely huge, no way can it be second to last, even under Austin.

    Also, I seriously doubt The Shield will still be around as a group come next Wrestlemania. I'm hoping they'll split by the end of the year. (A triple threat match between them would be cool.) Otherwise, I like the idea of all five matches, just not at the same WM - well, except for Bryan/Brock. Seeing Bryan try to last with Lesnar in a big underdog match is fine, but I don't see it at a WM, especially with the WWE Title on the line.
  7. Whilst I'd love it, I'd much rather Austin stay away just in case he has his Wrestlemania match (unless it's with them). Ruins the aura if he returns for these one night only stuff.
  8. Brock lesnar
  9. The only way I'd like this to happen is if CM Punk returned to be the leader or in some way affiliated with The Shield which I think is the wrong move. CM Punk vs Stone Cold is the only match that Stone Cold wants and Punk wants it too and if this is the best way of coming to that conclusion, which it may be, then I'm all for it but otherwise The Shield should just keep doing what they're doing and sticking their nose in everything.

    Even though it's lazy booking, it's working.
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