A Gay Wrestler/Character In WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. How would it work if WWE had a guy come out and say that they were gay? And how it work if said person announced that they were gay in real life, too?

    I got the idea from two different sources, both of them television shows.

    The first is a show on the USA Network called Necessary Roughness. I watched the last few episodes of the second season that played on TV lately, and (this is a spoiler) they had a football player come out and announce that he was gay. It was considered a big deal and the press was all over it and everything. He was even afraid to come out because he thought he would be ostracized from his team and perhaps all of football.

    The second show is The Wire. If you've never seen The Wire (and if you haven't, watch it, it's a great show), there is a character named Omar. He robs drug dealers. He takes their money and/or their drugs for himself, and when the show begins, he's been doing this successfully for about seven or eight years. He is a very hated man among drug crews and narcotics traffickers for this reason. But there is also one other reason why he's so hated - because he's gay. Because in real life, there is a stereotype that gay men are usually feminine and/or soft and weak. That attitude is especially true among gangsters on the streets, and so it only infuriates them even more that this "faggot" (as they put it in the show) is out there ripping and robbing them, leaving them holding nothing but their you-know-what.

    Point is, imagine a guy came out and said he was gay, or was somehow "outed" in some way. The unique thing could be that he's gay but also extremely tough in the ring (that's where the Omar comparison comes in, because it goes against the stereotype of being a sissy.) Goldust was the same way. "Exotic" Adrian Street was the same way. Both weren't really gay but rather trannies, but when they got in the ring, they were still tough competitors. A wrestler who came out as a homosexual on the show (whether he really was one in real life or not) could be handled in the same way.

    Imagine, for example, if two guys who were assholes (imagine like Christian and Jericho when they had their friendship back in 2003/2004) made a passing comment to one another backstage that they think so and so is gay. But then overtime, it turns into a serious question. Eventually, you get a segment where someone insults so and so for being gay. The person confronts the person who has made such homophobic remarks, and is asked if he really is gay. The person says "what if I am?" Maybe he even suggests that said homophobe is furious because he can't stand the idea of a gay man being tougher or more successful than him. Feud erupts, etc. I have two or three different ways this thing could go. I think it'd make for a unique angle to have a gay guy be represented in a positive way on the show. Don't know if it would be perceived that way, considering how prevalent homophobia still is in many places, like the States. You'd also have to be careful with how it was done, as you could go over the line with it or get too sensitive about it.

    What do you think?
  2. Sorry but no.


    Great idea but lots of fans would be like WTF
  3. I love the idea. It sheds light on a social issue and could build some interesting feuds. As long as it is just one trait in the character instead of taking over the character as a whole. He needs to be an asskicker/or other character who just happens to be gay. Gay does not need to define him.
  4. That's what I was going for. Just like the character Omar in The Wire, said wrestler is gay but he has a normal personality beyond just that. He just happens to be gay, and while his opponents (some of them anyway) uses that against him, he proves it doesn't really mean anything (negative.) The fact that it's currently a social issue is what makes it an appealing idea to me as well. It's just like Zeb Coulter talking about social issues, only he does it for heel heat. This would be for the opposite reaction.
  5. I honestly thought they were gonna turn Sandow gay for Rhodes at one point, they might even still. I suppose the biggest issue is would it draw heat / pops ? In the deep south I suppose it could if the stereotype is fitting but as a culture we're acceptant of gay people on the whole aren't we? I like the unique element it would give to a character however, although if we're building him as an "asskicker" it's abit unessacry IMO, not saying it won't work though.
  6. Europe is more accepting yes but in America it is more of a subject that you try to walk around. Gay people in some businesses get paid less and aren't given the same job perks as other employees (health care etc).

    Also Sandow gay for Cody? Whilst they are working Cody and Kaitlyn flirting like awkward high schoolers teasing Cody turning face?
  7. I suppose so, although I don't know much about American culture tbh. Yeah I saw them running a Damien get's jealous storyline of those two, don't ask me why but it's a route I could see them going down with their bromantic ways.
  8. And Sandow wearing pink just became much more stereotypical....
  10. I'd like to see a gay wrestler/character in the WWE. It's controversial since some people don't entirely support that lifestyle but it's a big part of the world. Acceptance is important and I think showing that there's more to a wrestler than their orientation is something the WWE could talk about through their characters. I can imagine that hiding who you truly are (being straight when you're really not) has to be really painful. If the WWE has the courage to engage in this controversial topic then I think it could be a really rewarding story line.
  11. Honestly he reminded me a bit of Noel Coward in the way he presented himself also, the robe, the way he spoke and his general mannerisms. I have strange thoughts at times.
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  13. Relevant how?
  14. Only if the gays were chicks.
  15. I remember when HHH finally admitted to being bi on Raw, that is probably the closest we've come.
  16. scotty 2 hotty was camp
  17. There is nothing camp about dancing with another man in a thong.
  18. I was implying how a feud with Punk would develop.
  19. I don't care if they add a gay wrestler, It just would take more Focus away from what little the Diva's have.
  20. How do you figure that?
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