A Gohan6425 Classic Video! Reaction to Christian losing the World Champion to Orton!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. [size=x-large]
    Gohan6425 Reaction to Christian losing his 1st World Champion to Randy Orton!​


  2. Pretty enjoyable video actually, spitting the drink out made me laugh.
  3. Who is he and why do we care what he thinks?
  4. Yeah. I don't spend half my life on boob toob!

    Who is he an why do we care?
  5. Were look at my Signature that been since I sign up to www.WWEForums.net and then tell me who in the video! PIPE BOMB :pity:! :lol1:
  6. That's Randy Savage IRL.
    Believe it or not.

    That was a little extreme, but pretty sure we all reacted like that after our dream of Christian winning the world title was turned into a complete joke... Vince Russo turning Kurt Angle heel thought that was dumb.
  7. Ah ok. Thanks savage.

    I'm using my phone on tapatalk so I can't see signatures or anything.
  8. I lol'd my ass off when he spat out the coke.
  9. Uh? It was WATER not coke.
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