A good idea for a Ranking system in the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. The one problem that pursues in the WWE is that we can have guys like Sting get WWE title shots when they got not heat for the title and have barely competed, same with Rock and maybe Brock but those guys at least compete in some matches on ppv.

    One good idea that's always been recommended was a ranking system, which if you own a WWE2K game the universe mode features it, it's simple all superstars are ranking on it in different lists, the champ has the top spot and under it is the rank one spot "the number one contender" this is where the WWE got the Number One Contender term, everyone else is ranked underneath this 2,3, so on...

    But this can't work just like this, there needs to be more to it for a great function. So let me explain how this can be set up in the WWE, each title will be ran by a ranking system. All superstars however WON'T be present on all of them, so how do you pop up on the ranks? Well you gotta show your in the hunt through matches with superstars on the charts, like after 2 or 3 matches the superstar's name will appear aorund the bottom of the rank listing. It's also possible to be thrown off the chart, y'know like burying, if your around the bottom ranks and on a losing streak, you'll be removed and you'll have to prove yourself again to get back on the chart. This way jobbers can be kept off the chart.

    Ranks rise or lower not just by matches but by prestige and popularity, so more popularity the more ranks you'll move up. Being sour? You're gonna go down on the charts.

    The top of the ranks are what are considered "The Grab Zone", ranks 1-5 mainly, this special zone with narrow it down to see who will be the next number 1 contender, this totally depends on the GM how it will be carried out, it can be just numbers 1 and 2 in a singles match since they are generally higher, a triple threat between 1-3, fatal four way, five pack, or heck sometimes number 6 can be involved in a Six Pack. Or... the GM can just make the title match a Triple Threat with both 1 and 2 being the number 1 contenders or so on, since Si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack is usually the max number of contenders in a title match, the grab zone should just be ranks 1-5. When the #1 contender(s) is/are decided then they are locked in place on the top of the board so everyone else below can still battle it out.

    If a champion loses his/her belt then of course rematch clause is still in effect. They are guaranteed their rematch so when they cash that in they will be locked in at number 1. IF they get injured or suspended right afterwards they are still guaranteed the rematch for a set amount of time, so on the rankings they can be seen on a special slot at the bottom that says "Rematch Clause Eligible". It's not a permanent keep though so GM's can have power how long its held by a superstar. If the #1 contender loses then of course they'll forsee a drop in the ranks to keep rank rotations fresh, but it won't be too bad so as long as they can keep prestige up they can remain in the grab zone or become the contender for the next title match.

    Money in the Bank of course will negate this and the Royal Rumble Winner of course will negate this since those give you instant matches.

    What do you guys think? If WWE did this would it work well?
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  2. Don't they have power rankings on the site?
  3. That's not for championships :/ it's just a popularity thing, I kinda got this system based off the Power 25 but with a few more things to it.
  4. Ah right. Yeah but this would mean the writers would have to put thought into things... And we, the fans, would actually have a say in something. Not very American is you ask me. lolol
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  5. Detecting the sarcasm in this post XD
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  6. Not happening. It adds too much of a sport feel to it, which WWE stays away from to prevent it from becoming pro-wrestling.
  7. "SPORTS-Entertainment"... Still in the title bro, we need more of that sports aspect.
  8. It's not about the name of the product, it's what it means. Sport in 'Sport Entertainment' - represents the athletic nature of the competitors, not the product as a whole. Entertainment in 'Sports Entertainment' - represents the product and their style. The WWE wants to refrain from making their product seem like a sport, so it's easier to justify the retardation they put out, from time to time.
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  9. Meh, don't care about the ranking system, tbh. They should learn how to book a compelling product instead.
  10. Rankings in WWE wouldn't work. For a ranking system to work there needs to be more of a focus on the sports aspect, WWE puts more focus on the story/entertainment aspect so a ranking system would become redundant pretty quickly.
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