A Grand Unified Theory of WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wacokid27, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. The thread in the Smackdown area about bringing back the WHC inspired this. Now that WWEN is up and running, I figure they've basically got the ability to do this. I also think there's enough depth to accomplish this.

    I'm not going to go into details about how they do this on television, so far as setting it up, but here's a thought:

    1) The Raw Brand (I would just call it "WWE", but that's just me):
    -General Manager - Brad Maddox/Hulk Hogan
    -Broadcasts - Monday Night Raw (cut back to 2 hours), a WWEN-exclusive Raw Brand show (2 hours)
    -Operates between Summerslam and Wrestlemania (no WWE shows between Wrestlemania and Summerslam)
    -Titles: WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, WWE Tag Team Championships, WWE Divas Championship

    2) The Smackdown Brand (I would ressurect "WCW", again, just me):
    -General Manager - Sting/Ric Flair
    -Broadcasts - WCW Smackdown (2 hours), a WWEN-exclusive Smackdown Brand show (2 hours)
    -Operates between Survivor Series and Summerslam (no WCW shows between Summerslam and Survivor Series)
    -Titles: WCW Championship (use the Big Gold Belt), US Championship, WCW Tag Team Championships, WCW Womens Championship

    3) The NXT Brand:
    -General Manager - JBL/William Regal
    -Broadcasts - NXT Main Event (1 hour), a WWEN-exclusive NXT Brand show (1 hour)
    -Operates year-round (I can justify this by the fact that they get 2 hours per week where the other brands get 4)
    -Titles: NXT Championship, NXT Tag Team Championships, NXT Womens/Divas (you decide...I'm good either way) Championship

    PPV (call them Supershows, as they will be broadcast on WWEN and on a PPV basis via cable/sat) Schedule:
    January - WWE-exclusive Supershow
    February - Royal Rumble (both WWE and WCW participate, with Royal Rumble allowing winner to challenge for WWE or WCW Championship at Wrestlemania)
    March - WWE-exclusive Supershow
    April - WCW-exclusive Supershow
    May - Wrestlemania (both WWE and WCW participate)
    June - WCW-exclusive
    July - Great American Bash (WCW-exclusive)
    August - Summerslam
    September - WWE-exclusive Supershow featuring MITB match for the WWE Championship
    October - WWE-exclusive
    November - Survivor Series
    December - Starrcade (WCW-exclusive Supershow featuring MITB match for the WCW Championship)

    Names are names. I put in some names that are historically important, with the combo Supershows keeping the names of the "Big 4" and bringing back some historic WCW names for some of the WCW-exclusive PPV's. I also jimmied with the timeline of Supershows allowing two months between each of the "Big 4", one each for WWE and WCW while both are active.

    As for NXT, rather than having one Supershow per month, have one every two months. I would have the NXT Supershows broadcast exclusively on WWEN as I'm not sure as to the profitability of them.

    Interaction: Some figures would be featured on all 3 brands: HHH, Vince, Stephanie, Kane, John Laurinaitis (basically, the back-stage Authority types), but the only places that wrestlers from both shows interact generally are the "Big 4". You'd probably have a "Draft" after Survivor Series that would allow some mixing of the performers on each show. Of course, NXT Superstars" could be called up to one of the main rosters as needed. Also, there could always be a "Bragging Rights"-style Supershow while both brands were active.

    As to how all of this could be achieved, well....I have some thoughts on that.

    Your thoughts?

  2. I kinda like the idea of resurrecting WCW's name, and using the BGB as their world championship. But no WWE shows between Wrestlemania and Summerslam? And no WCW shows between SS and SuSe? Why?
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  3. It creates a 3-month off-season for the wrestlers on the different brands. It should cut down on injuries, burn-out, etc.

    The big opposition to a WWE break has always been that WWE would be the only company doing it and TNA, ROH, etc., would be able to build enough interest while WWE was off to draw away a chunk of the audience. Since both brands are under the same company umbrella, this would allow the break for healing, rest, and what-have-you while still keeping the audience.

  4. Sounds good imo, but it has a problem: Lets say Bryan is in the WWE roster it would mean wrestling fans wouldn't see Bryan between WM and SS, and I think WWE fans wouldn't be very happy about it. But I like the idea. Especially the WCW championship idea. Imo it kinda sounded stupid that WWE had WWE and WH championships. When I was younger I thought WHC>WWEC ''becuz WHC iz da WORLD heavyweight champ, and WWEC iz only da WWE champ''
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  5. I like the idea especially the offseason. Id like to see fewer burnouts, early retirements, and less of Punk taking his ball and going home plus I think it will allow writers more time to develop stories and you can have season ending cliff hangers that could build up anticipation to the start of the next season. Plus it would keep certain wrestlers like DB and Shield from becoming overexposed and stale and it would give ppl like Rock and JeriGOAT time to pursue other interests, maybe have Bray Wyatt film a movie, Miz host the Challenge, Cena do more charity... just overall increase WWEs awareness in the public consciousness
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  6. I think the fans would get used to it pretty quickly, though. In the real sports most of us enjoy, we go 6 months a year not watching our favorite athletes during their offseasons, so I don't think fans would have that much of a problem with it.

  7. I like this idea. Performers would feel better and overall superstars would perform better. It would also give writers more time to develop idea's and reflect on what's going on. Good post and idea WacoKid....I love you....and after all this over with....I think you and I, well, we should get an apt. together.
  8. At first I thought this was a dumb idea, but as I read the responses I think I'm on board with this if they can pull it off the right way. The biggest benefit would be allowing more talent to shine instead of being buried on the roster. Guys like Dolph, Cody, Miz, etc could shine on the WCW or other brand while WWE is on break. I'd love to see more guys have bigger roles. Then having the separate brands clash would just be epic.
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