A great man has passed.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Jet set. We mourn the loss of the great workaholics character and person known as Jet set.


    This is a workaholics thread, 99% of what will be posted will be me/dz/you.
  2. Jillian show me your breasts.....and thats real
  3. Kane... is alive :goatface:
  4. Damn, only 59? That's wack

    Suck my dick, be gone
  5. :woo1: rip jetset.
  6. Been wanting to watch this show for a while now, but never got around to it /A.D.Dfag
  7. It's KAAAANE :mad:
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  8. Watch it. That's all I have to say. Watch. It.
  9. Good thing they already filmed the season. Jet set is barely on the show, but every time he is, he's hilarious
  10. Same. I've seen two episodes. One where a mans wife gives one of the guys a handjob and two muscle men who are gay?

    Was really funny. I gotta watch the show sometime.
  11. Yea I really thought he was a candidate for a breakout character and thought they had an untapped goldmine with him. He could have become the feature of some eps and definitely was worthy of an expanded role on the show.
  12. Really want more monted and waymond.
  13. Waymond doesn't do anything for me. Montez had some big eps last season, I expect that to continue.
  14. Waymond is a great character, as long as he is with monted/jillian.
  15. There have been some moments where Jillian makes me laugh at Waymond's expense, but that's about it. The scene where he tries to eat the cake off the floor comes to mind.
  16. like when he tried to eat the cake of the floor
  17. The cake off the floor is one of the best spots of the show.
  18. Hey guys remember when Waymond was eating cake off the floor
  19. Have you seen the scene where Waymond eats cake off the floor? Awesome.
  20. nah but one time waymond was eating cake off the floor and Jillian was like BAD WAYMOND
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