Spoiler A "Great" Return?...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Solid Snake, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. Literally laugh out loud. LOL!

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  2. Die a little inside. Slowly dying... No hope...

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  3. Speechless, utterly speachless.

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  4. Get pumped for something new. It was a shock!

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  5. Jump for joy, you are a fan of Khali!

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  6. Give up on Smackdown. Seriously, what is this crap?

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  7. Not care one way or the other.

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  8. Shake your head and face-palm.

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  1. So I have read some reactions around the web and most of them were just in shock. Like what is Smackdown doing? What are these writers thinking? What is Vince smoking and did he pass it to HHH? So many questions...

    So yeah. The Great Khali has returned to WWE at Battleground.

    How do you feel? Vote above and explain below.
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  2. I honestly don't care...and it may have just been a one off appearance?

    Let's not all flip our litter boxes just yet.
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  3. Too late!


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  4. Twas happy to see im come back. Not sure he should wrestle cause He's soo tall and Once he's down, he's "DOWN for the count"
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was a one off return.
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  6. I hope you both are right... I don't want to see this be dragged out with Jinder. It still was a dumb move to me.
  7. He already has The Signh Brothers. If Khalil was officially back then he would literally just stand there looking strong like a body guard. He wouldn't wrestle he would just aid Mahal. Like just standing there next to Mahal while Mahal is cutting promos and shit etc. Looking tough. I doubt it tho I see it as a one off he looks outta shape and im pre sure he retired.
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  8. when i saw it i was like, can't jinder just beat orton clean and we can be done with this feud? let him move onto someone new for summerslam. having khali interfere just sets up another match which i don't want. I think Orton has had a long enough run in the WWE title picture, move on.
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  9. I agree-gree 100%

    I don't mind Jinder being the champion...but enough with Jinder vs. Orton.
    Christ at least the RAW main event/Universal title picture has been interesting...
    the Jinder/Orton feud has felt like it was from a completely different company
    just randomly inserted in the WWE programming.

    Look...Jinder has done fine...but I say take the title off him...put it back on Styles...
    Let the New Day fight another team...which ever team that would be...and for the
    love of all things Holy please develop some 1 on 1 feuds in the women's division.

    Also don't have Nakamura waste his time against guys like Ziggler & Corbin...just
    give the fans the matches they want before age and injuries finally get the better
    of him.
  10. Orton vs Khali at Summerslam I hope
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  11. If I watched I would of thrown a beer at the tv, turned it off, chug 3 beers and tell my crush I wanna have sex.

    However that happened when Dillinger lost so I didn't make it far.

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