A guy I wouldn't mind Ambrose feuding with.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Randy Orton. He's stupidly over, he himself is a "psycho", Ambrose going over Randy would be great for Dean in my opinion. Randy doesn't care about losing and has put over multiple people in the recent past, so I think this would be sick if booked properly.

    You could have it as Randy trying to out-crazy Dean but in the end he fails and Dean shows his sadistic side and just decimates Orton. inb4 marks complain because it's Randy.
  2. That would be awesome even If I like both of them and I think that orton is gonna turn heel soon , that would be so freaking awesome ...hmm probably something like edge did with Kane .... Between both of them ... :gusta:
  3. Orton is turning Heel soon, so I don't think it will happen, but if it does somehow happen, it will definitely be interesting, although I prefer Dean to feud with DB.
  4. And you definitely can't be sure about Randy putting him over.

  5. Ambrose will destroy him on the mic lol

    Would be an interesting feud though, especially if it's for a title.
  6. Ambrose would destroy 95% of the current roster in the mic so it doesn't matter. lol
  7. Sure, I'm sick of that overrated piece of **** Ambrose anyway, no talent at all just some IWC people licking his ass lol, Orton burying him so he can job on Superstars for six months before being released seems dope imo.
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  8. :isee:
  9. :dawg: OK, seriously now. It sounds like a great idea, if they refuse to turn Orton heel, which seems to be something WWE lives by, after a few months it'd be a great feud to watch, given that Dean went over by being more psycho than Randy. Would be nice.
  10. I honestly agree with you, he's overrated. In my opinion he isn't anything overly so special. Randy Orton is that sick and crazy guy and it should remain that way. Also, he's turning heel soon anyway.
  11. Off-topic: Damn your signature ^

    On-topic: But they can't really do that, can they?
    Ambrose is in 3MB, and Randy is pretty busy building up a "Frenemy" feud with Sheamus.
  12. Ambrose in 3MB? That would be really interesting :happy:
  13. Damn, Shield. I don't really give a fark for either of them right now, aside from Drew McIntyre.
    You know, the one in Hell No.
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