A Happy Halloween Impact-October 31st-Live Discussion

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Kassius HoHo, Oct 26, 2013.

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  2. Dixie will cut a promo, an enthralling promo on her fading looks and how they correlate with the fading company she owns.
  3. Roode vs Kurt will be a classic again.
  4. A classic seen by about 5,000 people probably.
  5. It'll still be a classic, Punk vs Joe was seen by a few thousand it was still phenomenal.
  6. Never seen Punk vs Joe, never will. I don't watch ROH. Neither do most people, so I'm not sure how classic it is. They were both most likely green as hell at the time. I'll stick with the big leagues.

    I've seen enough of these ROH fan types online to know I want nothing to do with it. Fat, ugly, and incredibly awkward people. I'm sure their shows reek of body odor and sexual frustration.
  7. It's impossible to even contemplate your opinion on it then. The big leagues are what, the WWE? TNA is obviously too minor given your standpoint on it so I'm assuming stuff like New Japan is too. They may be huge in stature but lacks the interest generation for me at times, also I never understood why someone would want to limit any entertainment source for themselves because one company is bigger than the other personally but each to their own :emoji_slight_smile: .
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  8. New Japan is the major promotion in Japan right now. They're high production value, and high quality all around. My opinion is very easy to contemplate. It's not like contemplating the nature of the universe. It's contemplating quality vs shit. It's simple. You're putting words in my mouth. The reason I don't like TNA is because it's shit quality and meaningless, not because of it's size. The size is something I like to bring up, because it's derivative of the shit quality. For instance I do point out that they've existed for well over a decade though and made little to no headway in their quest to be a major organization. They can't even fill the 200 section at Bound For Glory, their biggest show of the year. It's utter shit. Fuck TNA.
  9. I'm a ROH fan who is not fat, awkward or ugly at least I don't think I am lol.You don't lose nothing if you check out at least one of their matches with each other, then give a solid opinion on the Wrestlers in the Company in general.

  10. LOL that's cool. Consider yourself lucky to be in the minority. I'll pass. If the talent is good enough, they'll make it to WWE like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, or Seth Rollins.
  11. I might have to tie you down to watch one match hmm.I don't understand why guys like Joe or Styles don't leave TNA for WWE, but that loyalty is strong with the Company.
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  12. Hahaha right on. Hey at least you're cool about it.
  13. I'm guessing you've never heard of the phrase correlation is not causation? TNA's quality hasn't been what hasn't made it a major player various other aspects have such as marketing and the networks they've been on. ECW was never a huge draw as a company were they shit too? I'm not putting words in your mouth you come in and mention TNA being irrelevant and small all the time and seem to use that as a the only reason it's poor. They have many faults currently why don't you pick up on that instead then?

    No headway also? Being broadcasted internationally, something New Japan has failed to do and recording better ratings than Raw in the UK for example is making no headway? Being one of if not the top rated show on their network is no headway? This company has risen from fairgrounds to that level in just over 10 years, which over wrestling company can claim that? They had a weakened NWA influence so that moves them away from WCW and ECW territory IMO who benefited from the territory days with it's establishment. Still being only the 4th wrestling company to gain these accolades isn't a failing company is it? The Bound For Glory attendance was poor but once again how does that indicate a poor show? Lacking in other areas sure but a great show doesn't always mean you'll have great interest sadly, especially with TNA's terrible marketing.

    I mentioned it's impossible to contemplate your opinion on Punk and Joe's "greeness" since you admitted in the same sentence you hadn't seen it also however I'd like to ask how is your debate of "quality vs shit" simple when it seems we have conflicting views on the definitions, you say the WWE is Quality so that's your benchmark, I see WWE as being below quality a lot of the time and to similar effect see TNA being above shit. You're attempting to talk absolutes whilst using variable scales.

    If I may pass judgement for a while it seems you fall into the group of users like Zamoriakian, Gohan, BLFFL and Kanenite who did nothing but dismiss TNA without much or any reasoning. A lot of users hold positive biases so I suppose it evens itself out.

    One final question why do you watch and attempt to discuss a product you've already decided is always shit?
  14. I don't think the E wants them in all honesty, they both have major flaws AJ with his mic and character work and joe's motivation.
  15. Can't wait for Roode-Angle,should be a great match. I'll definitely be here this week.
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  16. AJ is an over the hill redneck with no charisma. They've blown that smoke up his ass in TNA to make him think he's something he's not... special.

    There's a ton of dudes who can do those silly ass flippy moves, it doesn't make you a good wrestler.
  17. And yet another thread where AJackson shows off his amazing ignorancy and stupidity, both at the same time. Good job man.
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  18. Ignorancy isn't a word, big man.
  19. Graphics for matches



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