A John Cena stat to make ya'll mad.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. More importantly, Ryback lost at a house show?
  2. Omg, Cena is going to be cocky now.
  3. Faces always win at House shows so you could ignore the majority of matches for that. He's still too high for PPV / TV matches but as the face of the company it's expected.
  4. My friend was bugging my about that Ryback thing, it was probably before he debuted on TV. But Cena shouldn't remind people of that.

    Damn Superman winning every match he's put in.
  5. I've seen a few pictures of Cena in his House matches, here's one when he's entering the arena
    Show Spoiler
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  6. LOL it's cool guys wait till he loses his MITB cash in and we can all markymark bout it for the rest of time!
  7. I watched a John Cena house show match at the arena. Cheered for DZ as if there was no tomorrow but to no avail. Going against 90% of the people there by chanting Cena Sucks with all my strenght was fun though.
  8. pretty impressive

    Show Spoiler
  9. Pisses me off!
  10. damn house shows. they don't count.
  12. Cena is a fucking butt fucker homo :angry:

    Also anybody know who the Ryback loss was to? I wanna try find out :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. Yeah, that will be a blast, the first superstar who loses after a cash-in, can't wait:yay:
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