A Jurassic Champion! Taryn Talks Role In Global Blockbuster

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    Taryn Terrell will tie Gail Kim as the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history this Wednesday at 210 consecutive days as Champion. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Taryn, a highly sought after Hollywood stunt woman, is also a part of the biggest global box office draw in movie history! Jurassic Park roared at the box office with the biggest global Box Office weekend in history, and Taryn did some stunt work for the film. Taryn recently spoke to our own, Josh Mathews on his lifestyle podcast “Men’s Lifestyle Aficionado” to discuss Jurassic World and working on major movies.

    To hear the entire interview, plus Rockstar Spud’s reaction to Jurassic World Click here: http://apple.co/1dGneGi


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