A Landmark Week For The Women's Division

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Grievous II, Jun 29, 2017.

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    You know I just realized something...

    I've been very negative around here as of late and I have been focusing more
    on the flaws of the current WWE product...instead of the positives.

    I guess part of that has to do with my health problems...but...even I have to admit
    that I've been more negative than usual.

    Well...as a huge fan of the women's division and women's wrestling in general...
    this week (beginning on the 26th of June) has been a landmark week for the
    entire WWE women's division.

    First on RAW the ladies put on a solid gauntlet match and while I find Nia Jax
    boring to watch...it was fantastic to see the Boss Sasha Banks get the win and
    a title shot at that upcoming pay per view with a stupid name.


    Then on SmackDown Naomi continued to build momentum as the Champion
    with a squash win over the Lana and then the rest of blue brand's women faced
    off in the main event Money in the Bank ladder (Re)match...and while that chinless
    idiot still got involved...Carmella did claim the briefcase herself in a good match that
    wasn't perfect...but hey...not many matches are.


    And finally on NXT Empress Asuka defended her title and streak against the crazy
    cute Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing match...which was a brutal affair with a
    great finish that proved a stunning way to end the show.


    So...for this week in the WWE...the women provided the main events for all 3 brands
    and proved that while the pace may have slowed...the Women's Revolution is still on.

    Nice work WWE...keep it up.

    See...I can be positive.

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  2. The best part is WWE didn't even make a big deal about Women main eventing nor did Reddit ( 4chan is just filled with the absolute worst of the IWC so...).
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  3. Wait...so am I in the wrong for even bringing it up/pointing it out?
  4. The farthest they did to hype it was mention it on Twitter. So, really, while it is a big deal, they treated it respectfully and didn't shove it down our throats.

    Good job women of WWE, and WWE :bodallas:
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  5. To be fair though, while I didn't see them touting the week of women main events as such, this was mostly because they were hyping up each individual match for it's own first time. First ever Gauntlet match, Money in the Bank re-match (also first MITB ever on TV I believe, though I don't think they mentioned that much), and of course the Last Woman Standing match (which they specifically referred to as the first Last Woman Standing match in NXT so has WWE as a whole ever had one or was it just syntax to divide it from the main roster [which is my assumption but I don't know]). Not that this is a complaint, just felt like pointing it out.

    I only saw the youtube versions of the gauntlet and the ladder, the gauntlet seemed fine (I liked the story it told throughout, it wasn't a series of stories, it was one throughout the match-ups) and the MITB seemed like in full it'd probably top their PPV encounter. The Last Woman Standing match was awesome, and further reason of why Asuka's in my top twenty of all-time. The finish was obviously the best spot but I also marked big time for when she was kicking the garbage can she placed over Cross.
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