Kayfabe A Legendary Debut.

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  1. *Exodus fans are quietly chatting among theirselves when an unknown theme music hits.*

    *Fans are confused as they see a man in blonde hair walk out on stage, on his shirt it says "Coulson 3:16" and on the back it says "Just too good for you" some fans recognise the man as independent scene star Jack Coulson, he walks into the ring with a few cheers but the crowd is mostly silent, he picks up a mic and begins to talk.*

    Jack: Well, I've arrived. A few weeks back you saw me in action, in my own personal ring in my back garden. It lies next to the jacuzzi as well as the impressive rows of flowers. I crushed three victims and what I did to them is what I will do to this entire locker room!

    *The Exodus crowd starts to boo slightly, fans that know him from the indy's know that he is extremely cocky.*

    Jack: So.. I make my debut this week. Against.... Jason Frost. Jason likes to drink beer, a lot of it, let's hope he can make it to the ring without stumbling! Hahaha, I'm so funny aren't I? Of course I am. Exodus you are in for a treat, today will mark the beginning... of what you may ask? It's the beginning of the rise of Jack "Legendary" Coulson.

    *Jack drops the mic and gets out of the ring, a fan extends his hand to Jack, he goes to shake the fans hand but sticks his middle finger up instead. The crowd instantly boo, Jack brushes it off and walks backstage, ending the segment.*