A legit WWE2k14 League

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Danielson, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. If I were to set up a wwe2k14 league on xbox 360, how many people would be interested?

    Some things being offered is a YouTube spotlight, which means your created superstar will get a youtube video made for him. You would be competing in a W/L based power rank system for titles. Ranks 1-10 would be the CrewTheLeague championship belt, our best belt. Ranks 11-20 would be competing against an unspecified belt. This league will be run by a devoted team of gamers, for the gamers. I will be booking your matches based on performance entirely.

    Monday and friday will be used as our fight nights. During this time period our competitors will be competing against one another to move up or down the power rankings. You will be able to check the day after for updated youtube rankings, and your booking for the next event. The last sunday of every month will be our ppv, where titles will be defended.

    We will have theme based PPV's as well

    Say the Champion hits an opponent with a chair to get an easy w. I will be inclined to make a rematch the following ppv for a no dq. It is entirely up to you guys how to play, and of course becoming the champ will have it's benefits in some matches, that's what will make it so awesome to reach the top.

    I just want to see how many people would be interested, but the process has already started with creation. Please reply if you would be interested.
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  2. I haven't played online, but I would be down. I'd love to be the DZ of this promotion (lose every match)
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  3. Okay cool, I am creating the section for the site atm. I will PM you a link to the league for sign ups tomorrow. Don't want to step on anyone's toes and link here.
  4. Is there any possible way for users that are currently going through hell with their internet providers to be able to submit an entry next month? Or if that is not the case, I do have a video editing software and I could always edit the clips that you all capture to promote your superstars, make entrances for them, video hypes. etc.
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  5. That would be beyond awesome. We are currently looking for people to help as well, they will be compensated so it will be well worth your time.
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  6. You do not have to give me anything in return as it wouldn't cost me anything to make these videos. Sign me up. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Sounds good! I PM'D you.
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  8. Im down
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  9. I would be such a good heel champ. We could do promos and shit. I would just sneak a win every time, I would have a manager who get me wins and shit. #AmericanDragon4Champ
  10. I'd be down. I have a capture card and editing software as well so I can help with whatever, if need be.
  11. Eh, PS3 guy. How could ya man.
  12. http://crewtheleague.webs.com/wwe-2k14 check it out guys!
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  13. There is Madden on there but it is XBOX. Fucking A, Danielson, why XBOX.
  14. We will be expanding to next gen ps4 and xbox one within the next few months. I'm sorry, we won't be supporting ps3 :-(
  15. I'd be joining you man if I wasn't so goddamn terrible at it haha
    I just redboxed it :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. We have almost all sports games you can think of. If you are into nba or nfl you can get in one of those leagues too.
  17. I got NHL 14 for the 360 & NBA 2k14 for the PS4 at the moment.
    Didn't see the NHL one if u had it even, and I saw you wont have PS4 for a few months which is cool still though.
  18. Sigh, no one plays ps3 madden.
  19. If we had a strong following we could expand to ps3, but we would need someone to run it, and it takes a couple hours a day to do that.