A Lenghty Dixie Carter Interview

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  1. Busted Open satellite radio show with Dixie Carter
    Host: Dave Mortman and Dave LaGreca
    Airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Sirius 94 and XM 208 from 2-4 ET
    Visit Facebook.com/bustedopen for more information

    Look at what she said 'bout Garett.:dafuq:

    Now that's what makes fans look like idiots when reading it.:bury:
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  2. She's so right about the ratings though. The internet is the new TV & I think TNA hit the YouTube game early & hard. I can't wait to see TNA grow & a second show would be absolutely amazing.
  3. Garett as talented as Magnus (the most talented wrestler in the world)? :upset:

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  4. What else is she supposed to say? "Yea, this Garrett guy sucks dick. Not sure what we're doing with him, we're fucking up big time"

    Of course she will praise him publicly.
  5. [​IMG]

    Your favorite wrestler FTW.

    On a serious note, she could've just say he's good enough, not compare him with great, talented wrestlers. #Nepotism
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  6. Great talented wrestlers like Crimson and Gunner. lololol
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