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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Want to start a thread here which might encourage more suggestions and help us understand what users like & dislike about the site.

    For example: "I like the tagging plugin. I suggest adding a Member of the Month plugin".

    I know the popular ones will be tagging and statuses :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Go.
  2. I like the status box because Anon is always customizing it by adding new features and he does it good.
  3. I like the status box as well personally. Often chuckle at thing written in there.

    My suggestion would be where you could get notification whenever you've been quoted, sorta like tagging. This can can be activated and turned off.
  4. Your suggestion is?

    I like the tagging plugin as it helps keep track of various conversations, I suggest clickable hashtags in the status box / posts.
  5. Great suggestions already. That quoting one is already sort of happening, depends when notif comes out (the notifications plugin). It's very complicated so could be a while, we might (if Anon can) have a system like the tagging one temporarily for a quoting one. Like, a PM for when you're quoted, but that could be quite a lot of PM's, would be easier if you just had a notification appear on the index.

    As for hash tags, do you mean like when you click them it searches the board for the same hash tag?
  6. Yeah and possibly add in a PM when the tag is mentioned if it's on a list which you've chosen. Say for example Fed X's show is released but you only want to read the segments your wrestler is in I could put #Phreak then you'd get a PM saying it was mentioned.
  7. Like the whole forum!

    Suggestion - Being able to see who liked ur posts! (if u cant already)
  8. That's a legend feature currently.
  9. Ah fair enuf then will have to find out how to achieve this legend status then. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Just PM Crayo and ask him for the link, he decides whether people can upgrade or not #EGOTRIP
  11. http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2172

    That explains it all @[Cloud] :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. I was on bout meeting the requirements will be a challenge to work out what they are!
  13. Suggestion - The txt on the new post screen can we make new post txts a diff colour as I sometimes miss threads or posts I've not read? May just be me! As the bold white sometimes blends in!
  14. [​IMG]

    That's how it displays for me, pretty noticeable, especially with the green image beside it, but different monitors/resolutions can result in different outcomes. How is it for everyone else?
  15. Fine for me also.
  16. I'm not always getting the green arrow when i refresh just the bolder white txt hence the suggestion.
  17. Haha you just PM me or Levi and we'll tell you if you're approved :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Will PM when I aint skint!
  19. I like Xanth.
    Suggestion: Edit your site logos a bit after each PPV.
    For Example: We're heading into Wrestlemania so add in the logo to the banner.
    It's St. Patrick's day so change the banner to Hornswoggle, Finlay and Sheamus for one day.
  20. I'd like to but we don't have any graphic designers in our team. Not any really good ones like Jordan (theme creator).
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