A little bird flew very far to a very distant land....

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  1. ..When it got there it found it was a cold, freezing land and the bird froze to death. A cow passed by and took a dump right on top of him. The warm shit that fell on him melted the ice, and he was resurrected. Alive again, but still buried, he started chirping. A cat passed by and heard his cries, and dug him out of the shit. And then the cat ate the bird. Moral of the story: The person who takes a dump on you isn't always your enemy, and the person who takes you out of the shit isn't always your friend!
  2. I shit on myself once. What does that mean?
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  3. :laugh:
  4. This is from Silva's documentary.
  5. Yup


    You are a Blandy Orton mark and want to be like your idol
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