a live discussion app?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Nobody, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Maybe we could find an app that would make it a sidebar for us people who watch wwe/tna live on the same computer we are watching so we can post without having to move away from the match? Preferrably something that can show quoted posts above it? I dont know if this is possible i just thought it might be a great idea, as ive missed a few huge points due to alt+tabbing away to post about the move before it.

    Everyone could just get a 2nd tv/laptop to make things easier, but we know that won't be the case. If it's not possible i understand. Just a suggestion, like the thread implies.
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  2. Do you mean like a 'live feed' of all replies to the LD thread?

    That would be possible but it'd probably be hard on the server, I would think.
  3. I would assume it would be extra work. I was thinking of a different bar that would connect the small box to the live discussions. Something you could type/view quotes into but wouldnt take up much space in the full screen mode for the show.

  4. Yeah, pretty sure that'd be possible.

    Use your phone for the LD thread? The mobile theme supports the 'live thread' feature too.
  5. yeah i really want to stare at a tiny phone when i have my 17" laptop screen. Im getting a long hdmi cable for my tv from my pc (50 footer, since my last one broke just because) and im fine, just for others without as good of options.
  6. Personally i think a Messenger app would be awesome as i would go on live discussions rather than just watching the PPV
  7. Live LD for mobile is actually pretty lame. Every time I try to post, it pulls the screen up because someone posted.
  8. Happens to me too, but I just keep typing and it pulls back down to where I was. It does get a bit tedious when the LD has a lot of people and there's like 5 replies at a time.
  9. Already discussed and rejected this idea. Will post why though to inform others.

    A lot of custom work would need done, and it's not needed. Do you guys remember how bad we had it no MyBB with live discussions? We have improved it all we can, and it's great atm. The only thing you need to do is turn around and reply, or switch tabs and reply; I think that is fair. We can't make it any simpler. All these minor complaints make me wish for one day we could go back to where we had to constantly refresh every few seconds and then scroll down to read the posts etc., just so I could show you how much it has improved.

    The live discussion feature is by far my favourite XF feature we have here.
  10. Yeah, I actually read what people say now. Before i'd basically skip pages to try and keep up.
  11. I agree with Crayo that the live discussion feature on XF is a step up, but what Aids is suggesting would be even better than that. When I'm watching PPV, being in the live discussion does take away from the matches.
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