Kayfabe A Long Road.

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  1. Ring Announcer: Please welcome Ashley Young,Lilith Young, and THE NEW intercontinental champion CHRIS YOUNG!

    Chris: Wow, Champion it just feels amazing no pun intended.
    I was doubted day in and day out, But one week at the shrine and working my ass off, Blood flowing down my face daily and trust me no disrespect to the men who faced me and it’s “such a shame” that Azrael could not make it to the match maybe his master can help him next time.\
    I don't say this very often, but I wanna thank you all. I wanna thank you all for reminding me of this, I wanna thank you all for reminding me of who I really am and who I need to be, the intercontinental champion!

    *Chris Shines the belt and holds it up before resting it back on his shoulder.*

    Chris: you call me whatever you want, but you call me Champion. I've been chasing this all year and this is the reason I kept picking myself off – pick myself up, dusting myself off, patching myself back together then, this is why I kept on trucking, this is why kept on swinging and as I sit here with this championship in the middle of this ring with two of the greatest people i know, live on Exodus I can tell you, baby, it was all worth, because we ain't having no hard times anymore.
    And now that I’m the champion.
    I worked my ass off to get back in this ring and last night I achieved my dream when I won this championship!

    *Chris Holds up the title again and is interrupted by Ellis Klein’s music.*

    @Ellis Sullivan
  2. As his theme hits smoke rises from under the ramp, Ellis Klein bursts out form the smoke along side his colleague who has never been seen before, Ellis goes down on one knee and points to the sky, Ellis Klein and his companion wait on the ramp with mic in their hands.

    ???: Introducing the FUTURE intercontinental champion of the world ELLIS KLEIN.

    Ellis: Why thank you Nikki, you don't have to be so brutally honest in front of our weakest defending champion in Exodus history.

    Ellis winks at Chris

    Ellis: Think of this scenario like an African jungle, I'm the lion, the King and your the zebra, the weakest link. Sometimes, narrowly the zebra escapes from the lions grasp, just like you did at Warriors Way; but in the end there can only be one winner and that is the lion, the King and eventually that will be the outcome of this situation.

    Ellis pauses as looks at Nikki, he turns his head back to its position it was before and continues.

    Ellis: Aw, poor Chris you've worked your ass off huh. I'll think you find that every god damn wrestler on this planet has, it doesn't make you any different, what makes someone different is their charisma, their drive, their passion, all of these things that the so called 'amazing one' is missing. My grandmother could cut a better promo than you, my dog has more drive to dig a hole than you do for this job and quite frankly a passion fruit has more passion in it than you.

    The crowd laugh

    Ellis: So then Chrissy boy, long story short, I want a rematch for your belt, what do you say?

    Ellis Klein and Nikki wait for Chris' response
  3. *Chris looks at Ellis Klein and Nikki and looks back and Ashley and Lilith and Chris now passes his belt to Lilith and starts to speak.*

    Chris: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No way. I don't think so, pal. That's not how this works. For seven months I worked my ass off to get gold in this place and last night I achieved my dream when I grabbed that belt and after I drove your face into this mat.
    Well since you and whatever that thing is, came out here, how bout this....You vs Me non-title, But no DQ and if you prove yourself then you can have a title match.
    Or you'll end up like Mason or Luis a loser once more.
    I'm The best in this ring and the best outside, So show me, Ellis, Show me in this ring that you are worth my time at all.

    *Chris hands the mic to Lilith, Who give Chris the belt back.*

    Lilith: Well, Little man what's the answer? Or are you too scared of The Amazing One and his Black Rose, You should be we are the power couple here and no one can stop us.
    And I hope to the maker that you have the marbles to stand up and fight him, Hell I bet I could kick your arse, But you know every rose has a thorn and this black rose has a few.

    *The Trio Laughs and Chris holds up the belt as he backs out of the ring ad goes under and removes a kendo stick and a 2nd microphone.*

    Chris: Ellis! It's showtime and the show is over for you and that is just Amazing.
    Le temps de se battre !

    *All three with Kendo Sticks in hand invites Ellis to the ring.*
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    *Ellis Klein looks at Nikki who is already looking at him, Ellis starts to laugh to himself.*

    Ellis: Ha ha ha, oh Chris you are a funny guy, you want to fight me now? Right now? Ah, you must be having a laugh, I don't want to hurt you... Yet. I'll wait, I'll pick my moment, you want to fight next Saturday? Well I suppose your wish is granted, no count outs, no disqualifications and one winner ELLIS KLEIN!

    *Ellis raises his arm to the crowd, he lowers it and points at Ashley and Lilith.*

    Ellis: And, who are you? You seem to bratty to even be amongst this crowd, I tell you what? Go home, put your feet up, paint your nails and watch from home on Saturday I couldn't image you two cows watching your precious Chris get torn apart from your very eyes. So then Chris, I suppose it's a date, see you Saturday little fella.

    *Ellis' music hits and him and Nikki begin to walk backstage*