A look at Holland while the European Cup is played

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    Told you


  2. That's so awesome, because you guys have a chance.

    England's support:

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  3. At least your countries worry about soccer properly, when everyone here is crazy about this sport while there are lots and lots of hungry, uneducated people who don't have enough hospitals to go to if they're sick. :upset:
  4. lmao
  5. Meh, that's not just Brasil, but the last thing I want to do is turn this thread in to crayolitics. Your country deserves to be FOOTBALL fanatics, your country is the epitome of football. You think of international football and you don't think of these Euro wannabes, you think of Brasil.
  6. If you say so. Let's not bring the happiness of this thread down due to my useless complaints. :dawg:
  7. Haha not useless, righteous complaints :emoji_slight_smile:.

    But you should be proud of your football country :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. Maybe if I watched soccer I would be. :haha:
  10. Soccer.
  11. FOOCKER wait.... that sounds wrong.
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