A look into the life and career of Dean Ambrose before WWE

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  1. A look into the life and career of Jon Moxley (now known as Dean Ambrose).

    Jon discusses his up bringing, his relationship with his parents, how he got into wrestling and his path to become one of the best wrestlers on the indies and almost signing for WWE before.

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  2. Watching this now. It's fascinating really. The guy worked pretty hard and has seemingly had a relatively tough life. You can tell he's committed though; lying about his age as a kid to get experience and then spending an hour constantly ringing Tommy Dreamer for a dark match opportunity.
  3. ^ Not surprised he was the first post.
  4. Ambrose is pretty cool
  5. moving to Puerto Rico :gusta:
  6. What did you expect.. :lol1:
  7. Watched like the first hour, seems like a really fucking chill dude. Will watch the rest some other time.
  8. His mannerisms with his gimmick actually creep into his regular speaking, lmao. He is a walking Joker I swear.
  9. Haha so true.

    But tbh, normally when I see a video of an interview that's like 20 minutes, I'm done and I wont watch.

    Now it's different for some reason. The man has an interesting story to tell.
  10. Vid got taken down :downer:
  11. OH HELL NO!!

    I wasn't finished yet...:upset:
  12. Fuck you Jose, I need to go to bed early for school tomorrow and now I'm gonna be up watching this :bury:

    Edit - Well obviously not, a fucking copyright claim?
  13. Sucka you dumb and can go to bed, the video is down.
  14. That was one hell of a shoot.. That shoot was so good that Youtube couldn't handle it :pity:
  15. It got taken down :sad1:
  16. Damn you, copyright. I was gonna' watch it. :((

    @"Jonathan", can you find it and upload it, plz? :upset:
  17. Give me a minute or two.
  18. :win: :lol1: :yes:

    Someone's gonna' get laid tonight. :datass:

    Have to call @"leojay" and see if he can make an appointment tonight.
  19. What does he talk about at the very beginning? I have an interview that's 1GB big, not sure if it's this though.

    Any pics of what was in the video?
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