Kayfabe A Luscious Look into a Life of Scrumptious Sophistication!

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    Softly, the breeze in the air begins to pick up, as the curtains coated with patterns of flowers and bright colours begin to dance the night away with the sun begins to sleep to introduce the night and the moon to the beautiful country of Cyprus. The camera is settled with it overlooking a balcony of a very luxurious house, it has a beautiful view of the sea and the sun setting itself. The balcony entrance has two very decorated french doors, which are made from what seems to be mahogany wood. There are also words inscribed into the wood, made with metallic gold. The french doors beam the last of the sunlight, as it seems like the perfect ending to a summer's day in the exotic city of Paphos.

    Suddenly, the french doors open and a man begins to walk towards a table on the balcony. The man seems to be in his late twenties, he is olive skinned and is quite dashing. He is also very groomed with a trimmed beard and styled hair. He is wearing a white shirt, which only half the buttons are fastened. The proceeds to sit down with confidence, as he overlooks the view and seems very proud of himself. He grabs a glass and a bottle of wine from a bucket filled with ice, which is placed on the table positioned out of shot. The crystal, incrusted glass is then poured full of a scrumptious, strong, red sauvignon wine. The man takes a sip and then places the glass back onto the table, as his mouth contracts from the bitter beverage.

    "Over the course of my life, I have been described as many things. Cocky, arrogant, self-confident, vain and even egotistical. Although, you can't blame me for that whatsoever! Everyone has an ego, mine is just bigger.... and better."

    The man then turns his head to the camera and winks, as an astonishingly, beautiful woman steps out onto the balcony and lifts her hand out towards him. He smiles and grabs her hand with the segment ending with the both of them walking back into the house, as the camera fades to black.
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