A map of music that's popular in your state—and only in your state

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  1. Linkin park... I used to be such a mark like two years ago (still kinda am) so I can see that :obama:
  2. who the fk is juicy j
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  3. lol

    Who the fuck is Bonobo? :dafuq:
  4. I have no clue lol
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  5. Isn't that the singer from U2?
  6. my thoughts as well
  7. Bonobo is a British trip hop, electronic DJ and producer. On the Ninja Tune label same as Mr Scruff.

  8. so ashamed of California atm
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  9. I expected Jack Johnson to be California.
  10. California is Tupac. They need to stop lying lol
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  12. You disliking R.E.M.? Does Stopspot need to take off his belt?
  13. Fucking Future, that dumb autotuned faggot.
  14. Never been a fan
    Start at about 22:45 in this video - there's my opinion
  16. Denis Leary fucking sucks. Stop posting him :pity1:
  17. Uh No
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