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The Blade's theme fills the arena to much fanfare. The masked crusader makes his way out from the backstage area, but he is noticeably lacking in terms of enthusiasm. Instead, he slowly walks down to the ring, with no real expression being seen on the parts of his face that aren't covered by his mask. He slides into the ring and stands in the center, holding his microphone in his hand.

"Over the last few months, The Blade has been having many revelations. He has learned how despicable the people in this company have become. Will Neilson, Mike Thunder...Jack Rogue. Every single one of them has individually succumbed to evil and have let it consume them. And now, The Blade is fighting a solo battle against evil. He has no allies, no friends. The Blade is now a lone warrior in his crusade against the villainous fiends, Just like how he will be a lone man at Wrestle Dynasty."

"The Blade has been blessed with one final opportunity to regain a hold of control over the hierarchy of Precision. Robert Blake, Will Neilson, Noah Styles...Buster Gates. All four of these men are dastardly in their own ways, and The Blade can only predict what the final man's intentions ammount to. Some are caught up in their greed and desire for power, while the others have been manipulated by their own arrogance. The war we are about to partake in will be hellacious, there are no allies, and there will be no mercy shown. For the sake of honor, and protecting those who support The Blade day in, day out...

He takes a long pause, the crowd begins cheering for The Blade, having always showed their support for the hero and his never changing moral code. He raises his mic once more and speaks in a very soft, and almost somber tone.

"The Blade's days here are coming to an end, and he will finish his mission as your World Heavyweight Champion."

The Blade's arm drops to his side as a loud silence fills the arena. There's murmuring heard throughout the audience as Blade exits the ring. The camera cuts to the announcers, who attempt to process what The Blade had just said.

-End Segment-
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