A New #1 Contender For The Knockouts Title To Be Named!

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    Since becoming TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim has been electric as Knockouts Champion. She's defeated all challengers and delivered several match of the year candidates - including her series of stunning matches with Taryn Terrell. It seemed as if Gail was becoming untouchable. At least, until HAVOK revealed herself and laid waste to Gail and Taryn after their match, two weeks ago.

    Then, last week, HAVOK interupted the Knockouts Calendar Cover reveal - laying waste to all of the women in the ring, before leaving with the TNA Knockouts Championship. This led to a wild backstage brawl as Gail Kim searched for HAVOK -- and her championship. Ultimately, the brawl spilled back out into the arena, where HAVOK left a pile of bodies - including several TNA ring crew members.

    Now, on Wednesday, we get to see HAVOK make her official in-ring debut in a Knockouts Battle Royal for the #1 contender slot. Entering the match, it seems that she is the clear frontrunner - but with a deep roster of talented women, perhaps all of the lethal ladies in the ring will band together in hopes of taking HAVOK out early.

    However, HAVOK has already made things very personal with Gail Kim. If she doesn't win on Wednesday night, chances are she and the TNA Knockouts Champion will run into each other again soon. Don't miss this epic Knockouts showdown THIS WEDNESDAY at 9/8c on Spike TV!


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