A New and Improved Cedric Alexander

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  1. How Veda Scott and Moose are Behind It All
    Fans had seen it before. Cedric Alexander had the unbeaten Moose in trouble but could not put him away. In moments, Cedric would either make one mistake or leave the door open for a turnaround. In spite of Alexander’s history of struggles down the stretch of matches, Moose’s manager/attorney Veda Scott went into full panic mode.

    Desperate for answers, Veda found an equalizer. Before dispatching an unaware Stokely Hathaway to distract the referee, Ms. Scott had reached under the ring, grabbing a wrench used by the ring crew to arm Moose for the win. At the time, Moose had not been beaten in his ROH career and he was on the doorstep of becoming the Number One contender for the Ring of Honor World Championship at “Best in the World”. No time for a setback. But then “it” happened.

    Moose defiantly and steadfastly refused to use the wrench. He wanted to win matches the right way and enjoyed the spirit of competition. Alexander, whom everyone assumed had also been bound by those rules, snatched the wrench from Moose and KO’ed the gentle giant.

    The referee tolled the three count and Cedric had won in improbable fashion. Veda walked away in disgust but it was clear she was already contemplating her appeal. Not only did a light go on for Alexander with the way he won but it was as if the weight of the world lifted from his shoulders with the victory.

    Following the airing of that infamous match on Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Cedric was inundated by calls and texts. Caprice Coleman, Moose and Stokely Hathaway all wanted to know “why”. Word on the street is the only one who called to congratulate Cedric was Veda Scott.

    Just days later, Cedric went all in on his new approach, knocking out Moose with a wrench-filled fist for the second time. Alexander also added the legal advice and guidance of Veda Scott to form an alliance that seemed impossible to imagine before the win over Moose.

    Flash forward to “Death Before Dishonor” and the rematch between Cedric and Moose in Baltimore. Different city, same result. Cedric KO’s Moose with a wrench in his hand, courtesy of Veda Scott to pick up the second win in a row over the previously unbeaten product of Syracuse University.

    In the span of five weeks, ROH fans have seen Cedric Alexander beat Moose twice. Here was Alexander who would get close to winning all the time but for some reason, couldn’t regularly close the deal. Now, Alexander has beaten Moose twice in a row, who had not lost one year into his first ROH contract, having dropped two straight to Alexander.

    During their time together, Veda Scott spent considerable energy in an effort to change Moose from a nice guy into a man who would do whatever it took for victory but instead turned Cedric Alexander into the “win-at-all-cost” mercenary. While it wasn’t her first choice, Veda is happy with her decision. And Cedric is happy to be back on the winning track. Of course, Moose, who sent all this into motion by refusing to use Veda’s wrench, is looking for revenge.

    With two wins in a row, one has to wonder if Cedric has Moose’s number. Moose and his advisor Stokely Hathaway openly deny it but does the man who couldn’t win the big one hold the psychological edge over a man that until recently couldn’t lose?

    Cedric Alexander, Veda Scott and Moose take the antagonist/protagonist model to a whole new level, as their lives and careers are intertwined with an air of unpredictability surrounding the trio.

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