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*Near the end of an episode of Precision, the fans begin to get out of their seats to leave the arena. But, just as they stood up the screen cuts to a static and the lights cut black before playing a package on the titantron.

The package begins with a dark, gated room filled with nothing but horror. The tension begins to start once the cameraman begins to walk forward as screams of fear begin. The cameraman is maneuvering around the Asylum until it came across a door left wide open with the number 7 written in blood. The cameraman walks into the room with a shadow of a figure in the corner of the room sitting down with its knees up and its head in between. The figure begins to look up and you begin to see it's long black and white hair with a some what Joker face paint around his face. The figure begins to laugh and speaks in a crazy weird voice.*

"They said you'd be here. They were right, they are always right. I was told I was crazy, they are just jealous they don't have..."

*Lifting up his shaky hand to point at the temple of his head*


*He slowly gets up but falls back down and begins to laugh crazily. All of a sudden he stops laughing and looks like he is listening to someone talk to him. He then smiles and continues to speak*

"Do you want to see a magic trick?"

"He then laughs again and nothing but black is on the screen. All of a sudden a loud scream came from the cameraman. The package then ends leaving the crowd confused and scared on what's to come to Precision*


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