Kayfabe A new champion.

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  1. *Spike Cox walks out title in hand, an takes a moment too raise the title, crowd boo as he sits there with a grin on his face. Throws the title over his shoulder then makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic.*

    Spike Cox: Last week at night of champions i beat Antonio Stark for the Iron man championship, an let's be honest did he really stand a chance against a monster like me? No! No he didn't stand a chance. Just like this week Will neilson won't stand a chance. But this time I'm not gonna play with my food... I'm going to devour it! You may cheer him but what you should be doing is preying for him, cause im done playing around. *Crowd boo.* You dont like me but you will respect me! *Crowd boo louder.* I'm your Iron man champion! *crowd boo even louder.* Screw you to! *Spike looks at the crowd, looking very annoyed.* Its funny how you really think that weasel Will Neilson can beat me, i don't even remember the last time he won a match! Do you? I sure don't... Oh and before i go, always remember, bigger is always better. *SPIKE drops the mic as his music plays an walks around the ring raising the title, then rolls out the ring and walks up the ramp an raises the title one last time with his back facing the crowd as they boo him. Walks backstage.*
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