A New Day (Woods, Kingston and Big E's new gimmick)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Anybody else catch that new vignette? Looks like a James Brown style type gimmick. Not sure how it will play out but it made me smile.

  2. inb4 someone tags Dat Kid or Fooq in a comment somehow
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  3. Yeah, not really interested in seeing this dogshit. :happy:
  4. I'm interested.
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  5. Good for you, you're the one who'll be disappointed, not me. Haha
  6. Stop's a mark. He enjoys everything.
  7. Except TFA!
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  8. This changes everything.
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  9. I don't get disappointment if I get to see talent I enjoy perform
  10. K. We'll see how the Nation of Cancellation does.

    Although, I would've much prefered if they were a heel stable first, but this way... No, thanks.

    To each his own, though.
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  11. Who said they were going to be faces? They've been working both as heels and faces at live events. Nothing is confirmed.
  12. Oh, okay. If they'll be working as heels, then I'll be interested in them.
  13. A little note.
    There is talk of this just being phase one of their faction. With them debuting as southern preachers only to throw it off and say how they could only get on TV by being stereotypes.

    So, whether this is true or not. Wait and see playas
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  14. I loved it, and seeing Xavier do that made me plenty happy. Haters gonna hate, it's funny seeing all the vanilla midget marks hate. Oh and Deth making his daily rounds to for shame everyone posting in the thread he found time to post in.

    I am optimistic about it, looks better than a ton of other characters going on currently.
  15. Not really a bad thing though is it? If you can enjoy a show then good for you.
  16. Oh I see Kofi had one as well from last night. Added to the OP
  17. Oh boy Kofi with it. Just let it be Xavier as the leader, with Kofi as #2 and Big E the enforcer. For the love of god, no R-truth please.
  18. Woods will most likely be the leader. Remember when he first came out in that white suit and told Kofi and Big E to take what's theirs? I'm just hoping this is gonna be a heel group. Not really interested in seeing a babyface stable. We'll see what happens, though.
  19. I dont think they are going to be one way or another.
  20. I like Xavier, so as long as this equals him getting some air time then I'm all for it.
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