Kayfabe A New Era Of Ty Creed

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    *As Ty Creed's music hits the crowd begin to boo, as he walks out onto the ramp they are stunned into silence as they see his new appearance.*

    Ty Creed: I knew this would shut you up, as you can see before you is a new, revolutionised Ty Creed, still as amazing as I was before and still willing to crush everyone in my path!

    *The crowd begin to boo, they are still uncertain about Ty's new appearance.*

    Ty Creed: The masterminds behind this new look are the other 2 members of the most electrifying group in Exodus history

    *The crowd continue their boo.*

    Ty Creed: Anyway, this week the challenge that stands before me is a triple threat match between Chris Young and some Lucha masked guy that does flips and shit, I'm not expecting this to be the hardest match of my highly decorated career, if anything this match should be a walk in the park for someone as technically gifted as myself.

    *Ty raises his arm to the unhappy crowd, he gives them a cocky smirk and continues.*

    Ty Creed: I guess there is one left thing to say. See you Saturday lads.

    *Ty drops the mic and exits the ring.*