Kayfabe A new revolution or is this the end?

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  1. *The video starts with replay of the return of Buster Gates, but as his face is first shown the screen pulls out to show Chris Young in a dark locker room lit by swinging flickering fluorescent lights walking around the TV showing the moment with a lead pipe with the look of disgust on his face, He randomly stops to look a the screen and now he starts to lean on the TV.*

    Chris: Buster Gates, How every loved your "Returned" We don't give a damn we want something new and we want something to spark a revolution.
    It's like I'm always getting blood on my hands being pulled into the garbage and being told about "Brass Rings" and never getting a shot, But we have guys like Buster run the place and play the upper brass played like a damn fiddle.
    Buster, You're a man many respect, I Do as well, But as the song goes hate is a strong word,
    But I really, really, really don't like you.
    I look forward to this match as last week was too easy for me and facing you will be no cake walk and I'm glad about that.

    *Chris Takes a look at the TV again and it shows Buster with the belt, In a fit of rage, he hits the TV repeatedly with his pipe breaking it into many pieces, His eye is twitching, He hands are shaking and he is breathing heavily, He looks up into the light and back into the camera.*

    Chris: I never meant for things to go this far, It's ripping me at the seams, It's crawling right under my skin
    I created a monster inside of me, You all created the monster inside of me, I know my will is stronger than I wanna see myself the light of victory and revolution and you Mr.Gates are a part of that revolution as the 2nd victim of it.
    Yesterday is a memory Your fading light will set me free, Free from these thoughts of despair Your end is coming fast I'm moving forward, I won't look back this my time and this is my revolution!

    *Chris Stands up and goes to his locker and opens the door and pulls out a case he looks at with a very troubled look on his face.
    He opens the case hiding his face from the camera.*

    Chris: I may have to unlock his cage again, The pain is the life blood and Mr.Gates our blood will spill and our souls will be left in the ring, But I will do anything for my revolution and the world title.
    I rambled with the worst of them , Saw the darkest hearts of men
    And I saw myself starin' back again.
    Take what's left of me, A new revolution or is this the end?
    You can run ,You can hide ,You can pray, But I'm gonna cut you down Buster, It's showtime!

    *Chris Turns back to camera to show blood red and black paint around his eye and going down his face and the video cuts to black,*

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